The Boy In the Diaper

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The Boy In the Diaper

2008-05-17 17:59:11

Chapter 1

I used to get just about everything I wanted. If my mom would say "no" to something, I'd complain and jump around until she'd give in.

When I was 8 years old, I was in second grade. My teacher & mother noticed my grades were dropping. It was concluded that I needed to wear glasses. I hated wearing them so I would pout and scream whenever my mother tried to make me wear them. I would eventually get my way. Besides, I didn't notice much of a difference in my eyesight with or without the glasses.

When the end of the school year came around, I got a terrible report card. That's when my mother put her foot down and said that I must wear the glasses. They were originally just for wearing in school, as punishment she was making me wear them all the time.

I then started screaming & crying saying "Mommy, I don't wanna wear these!" I jumped up and down in a tantrum. But this time my mother wasn't going to give in!

She walked up to the attic and came down with a half full package of Pampers disposable diapers. Those belonged to my younger sister. After she was potty trained, my mother put the remaining diapers in the attic.

At first, I thought nothing of it. I was too busy trying to get her to let me take these stupid glasses off. Then she dragged me by my arm into my bedroom. She told me to take everything off except my glasses. I removed my shirt, then, as soon as I dropped my pants down to my ankles to take them off, she unfolded a diaper and laid it on my bed, sat me on top of it and fastened the diaper tapes on both sides of my waist.

As she stood me up, I looked down at the diaper. Oh, my gosh! This was worse than wearing glasses! I looked up at her and with a very serious face, she said, "Now, you are grounded, you will wear that diaper for the whole summer." I didn't think that was REALLY gonna happen. I thought if I keep complaining enough, everything would turn to normal.

Then she added, "And, if I see you trying to take it off, I'll give you a good licking with THIS!" and she held up a metal hangar. I definitely didn't want that!

She turned around and walked away. I started after her. My pants were still down around my ankles. They were sweat pants so I could still take a fairly regular stride but not much. With each step I took I could hear the diaper crinkle really loudly. It had the sent of baby powder.

As I walked toward the kitchen where my mother was, Tears started welling up in my eyes. I looked up at her and said "Mommy, I don't wanna wear a diaper."

My mother said, "Well, you're gonna! From now on, once you're grounded, your grounded!"

From under my glasses, the tears started flowing down my cheeks. I started to wipe them, but more and more just started trickling. As I cried I began to whine. I slowly went back to my room bawling and could still hear my diaper crinkling as I walked.

I bent over, folded my arms on top of my bed. I buried my face in my arms and began sobbing. I knew that this time, my mother meant it!

The tears dripped from my eyes and began to collect on the lenses of my glasses. My diapered butt was sticking upwards as I stood bent over the bed's edge. My mother came up behind me, stood and watched me for a few moments. She then started to spank me. I just stayed right where I was and started sobbing a little harder. After she hit my butt about ten times, she grabbed me by the arm and lead me to the corner.

She put me there facing the wall and said, "You'll stand in the corner until dinner time." Then she went back to her work in the kitchen. The tears on my glasses were now dripping onto my cheeks followed by several more from my eyes.

I stood there looking at the two walls and at the frames of my glasses which I wasn't used to seeing. I vainly whipped some of the tears from my soaking wet face pushing the glasses up to get my fingers under them. When I took my hand away, they dropped back in place on my nose. Then more tears started flowing to replace those I had just wiped.

The smell and sound of the diaper continually reminded me of it's presence.

An hour or so later, my mother stood in the doorway. "All right, come on out here for dinner," she said. Weeping mildly, with the pants still down around my ankles, I turned around and walked to the doorway, past my mother and she followed me to the kitchen.

My 6-year-old sister, Angie, was sitting at the table waiting for dinner. At one end of the table was a high- chair. I had a pretty good idea of who was going to be sitting in it! "Nooooo, Mommy!!!!" I said in a whining tone as more tears began to form. She sat me in the chair, fastened its safety belt, locked the tray into position, and tied a bib around my neck. I began to pout.

Angie had a glass of soda. I asked my mom for some. "No, babies drink from a bottle" she said as she handed me a baby bottle. It had been a long time since I'd used one of these. I had a hard time remembering how.

My mom said "If you're gonna act like a baby, I'm gonna FEED you like a baby!" She spoon-fed me while Angie got to eat like a big kid.

When we were done with dinner, mom took me out of the highchair and without taking off my bib, she had me lean forward and place my hands on the edge of the kitchen table. She started spanking me again followed with a slap on my face. "Now you can just stay there like that for a while!" she said. More tears trickled down my cheeks and dripped onto the table.

After the kitchen was cleaned, I was still leaning on the table's edge with my butt awaiting to be spanked again. Mom gave me another spanking along with some good old fashioned castor oil. Still wearing my bib, I spent the rest of the night crying and complaining to her trying to be let out of my punishment. Of course it was all to no avail. The diaper's smell and crinkling noise was a constant reminder of its presence.

Later, Mom sat me in a small wooden chair in the middle of the living room floor. "You can just sit there and cry!" she said. That's what I did for about an hour. I couldn't play, I couldn't watch TV, I could only sit there. As it was called "The punishment chair."

Then my mother took me by the arm and brought me to the bathroom and told me to get washed for bed. I did and she brought me into my bedroom and with me still in my diaper, glasses, pants around my ankles, and bib, put me in bed. I wanted to ask if I could at least take my glasses off but I knew she'd decline so I didn't even bother.

Mom turned out the light and left the room closing the door behind her. I wept quietly to myself. I looked toward the window and saw that it was still twilight. I could even still hear the other kids outside playing. I've never gone to bed when it was still light out or before any other kids in the neighborhood. I figured that was just another consequence of being a baby.

Chapter 2

The next morning, my mother came into the room to wake me up. As I got out of bed I asked, "Mommy, can I take my diaper off now?"

"No, I said you'll wear that diaper for the whole summer," she said That started me crying again.

As I came into the kitchen I saw Angie sitting there awaiting to see me in my glasses, bib, diaper, and pants down around my ankles. The crinkly noise of the diaper announced to her that I was coming. Mom put me into the highchair and Angie just sat there with a feint smirk as she watched the tears trickle down my face.

After breakfast, Angie went out to play with her friends and I had to stay in the house grounded. I stood there at the window in my diaper and watched all the fun I was missing. My friends were all out playing. They were roller-skating, playing baseball, bike riding, swimming, etc. And I couldn't go out because I had a diaper on!

I began blubbering, and walked up to my mom and said, "Mommy, I don't wanna wear a diaper, I wanna go out and play."

She grabbed my arm and stuck me in the corner, saying "You just come over here and stand in that corner!" I then started sobbing uncontrollably louder.

This is what things were gonna be like for me. Grounded in a diaper. My mom finally let me take the sweat pants off my ankles. She allowed me to take off the diaper to take a bath but I still had to keep my glasses on.

A couple weeks later, my mom was baby sitting the neighbors' kid Jimmy. My sister would play with him when he came over. I was pretty board having to sit around the hot house in diapers, so with a pouty look and tears on my face I asked Angie, "Can I play with you and Jimmy"?

"You can't because you're grounded." she answered.

I walked up to my mother and said with a tear-filled face, "Mommy, I wanna go outside."

"What, do you want to go out in a diaper and have everybody laugh at you"" she replied. I started sobbing and walked away.

The next day was a rainy day and Jimmy was over again. I thought he and my sister would play with me because they wouldn't be going out either. They were in her room doing head stands & somersaults. I asked if I could play with them and Angie said, "You can't because you got glasses." She was right, these glasses were big on me and could fall off easily.

I went up to my mother, and asked her if I could take them off. "No" was her reply.

"But Mommy", I said, "Angie and Jimmy are playing gymnastics and I can't play with my glasses on!"

She then said, "Well, that's part of being punished." I walked away sobbing.

Later, they were playing hide-and-seek. Again, I asked Angie if I could play and she said, "You can't because your diaper is too loud and crinkly and it'll give away our hiding spot." Weeping, I took a loud and crinkly walk up to my mother and asked again if I can take my diaper off. After she spanked me for asking again, I walked away looking down at and listening to my diaper announcing my presence everywhere I went.

Because of all the tears dripping off my face, my mom made me wear a dribble bib with the word "Baby" printed on it in large colorful letters. After pleading with her a couple times throughout the day she finally said, "I've just about had enough of you!" She spanked me and stood me in the corner for the rest of the day.

Chapter 3

One Saturday, came a family outing. That is with the exception of me. Because my mom, dad, and sister would be all away for the day, they hired a teenage girl to babysit me. Mother explained that I wasn't allowed outside, had to stay diapered, etc.

The babysitter's name was Kathy. I couldn't seem to get through to her that I was an 8-year-old kid. She kept treating me like I was 2. She'd coo at me, make me watch TV shows for toddlers, wouldn't let me play with anything that was small enough to fit in my mouth, and when she'd get mad, call me "diaperhead."

This was an extremely hot day. Walking around in a thick diaper made it much worse!

Kids were outside playing, swimming, bike riding. But all I could do was sit around in a diaper, grounded, as was my whole summer.

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