Diapers and Sunshine - Part 3

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Diapers and Sunshine - Part 3

2008-05-17 17:40:18

Author: DprTodd

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Chapter 12 – He’s Going The Distance, He’s Going For Speed.

The next morning I woke up and ascertained that Rob and Rick were both still sleeping. I could hear that Rob’s breathing was still deep and regular, and Rick had Hobbes clutched to his side while snoring softly. I walked to the kitchen to get a drink, it was late enough in the morning that I figured Aunt Susan had already gone to work on her office and decided that Uncle Steve must be working elsewhere as he was no where to be seen, either. I walked to the side door; peeked out the curtain neither was about and saw that his truck was indeed gone, too. After swallowing the last drop, I put my glass in the sink and I went back upstairs. I headed down the hall to the bathroom where I untapped my diaper and threw it into the trash before starting the water in the tub and rinsing out my plastic pants.

A small patch of morning sunlight streamed in through the bathroom window causing little dust motes to become visible as they swirled and danced in the air. The dust moats seemed to scatter when I turned the knob from faucet to shower. There was a bottle of Nair in the shower and I reapplied it to my diaper area as some of my hair was beginning to come back, I was careful to count so-as-to not leave it on any longer than necessary. When I had finished my shower the sun had apparently moved behind a cloud and the bathroom was thick with dense steam. I dried off as best I could in the humid conditions and returned to Rob’s bedroom.

Rick was just getting up when I walked in. “Good Morning!” he said as he folded the sheet up, sitting it and Hobbes in the floor.

“Morning!” I answered back as I reached beside the futon to grab a fresh diaper.

I laid the mat down and re-diapered myself in a flash.

“Wow, your getting pretty good at that, almost a pro!” Rick commented before heading off to return his tiger to his room and take his own shower.

Rick and I watched morning TV for a half-hour before Rob woke up and found us both in the playroom on the floor. Rick had come back fully dressed and I was still in just a diaper.

“Hey, ‘sup?” Rob asked.

“Hey there, it's sleeping beauty!” I joked.

“You should have gotten me up; I will sleep in if you let me.”

“Nah, doesn’t matter,” I said and then asked, “What you want to do today?”

“Let’s go walk the ridgeline into town; I still haven’t walked the whole thing and it sounds real cool to me,” I said sounding somewhat excited at my idea.

“Okay, but it’s going to be hot today I bet; so we need to get, if we are gonna go, before the sun comes up and bakes us,” Rob said moving toward the door.

Rob went and showered while I got dressed and within twenty minutes the three of us were ready to leave. Rick threw a couple of his diapers in my diaper bag and we lit out the side door like three wild kids heading off on an adventure.

We walked across their property to where it hit the ridgeline, a stretch of trail that runs around the perimeter of Simonsville on its west side. It took us a good two hours to get to town proper, but we were walking pretty slowly; it was only about 4 miles, but there was a lot to explore and look at in the woods. Including notable spots where we had built forts, seen animals, or found things abandoned in the woods. Once in town, it took us another fifteen minutes to get to the old business district where Aunt Sarah had her office. A large panel truck, with Renson remodeling painted across the side, was parked sideways in front of the building.

I didn’t know what to expect, but the progress on Aunt Sarah’s office was stunning. The walls had been redone with slightly textured cream-colored wallpaper, new carpeting installed, the light fixtures had been replaced. Even the doors had been refinished and the glass in the transoms replaced. I had no idea anything in Simonsville could look so nice.

We found Aunt Sarah in what was going to be the library and records room. She was showing a large man, probably the owner of the remodeling truck, where she wanted the shelving and how she wanted it affixed to the walls.

“Hi Mom!” Rick and Rob said as we enter the backroom.

Aunt Sarah spun around in surprise, “Oh hello Boys! Is your father here, too? I could use his help with some of this.”

“Dad was gone when we got up so we walked,” Rob Said.

“All the way here?” Aunt Sarah said with surprise, “Goodness, that’s a hike!”

“Na, we followed ridgeline trail around town, it’s quicker than the roads,” I offered.

“I see,” Aunt Sarah said, “Well what are you boys going to do now?”

“I think we are going to go see Kevin and Matt, if that’s okay?” Rob said to his mom’s question.

That was news to me, but it sounded like fun; I mean except for being around Phillip in diapers. I can only hope that police business was keeping him busy and away from home today.

“Okay, well have a good time and be careful!” Aunt Sarah said and then added, “Come back by here later if you want a ride home. Otherwise plan to be home by suppertime.” She started to turn back to what she had been doing when we came in but with one last thought she said, “Call me on my cell if you need anything!”

“Okay, mom!” Both Rob and Rick said.

“Okay, Aunt Sarah!” I added as we left the office and headed toward my house and the school, which we had to pass on the way to Kevin’s house. The walk took us the better part of 45 minutes, but we got to the Rosetick’s place only to find it unoccupied. Phillip Rosetick was thankfully at work and who knows where Mrs. Rosetick was, but it appeared Kevin and Matt were gone too, probably with their mom.

“Didn’t you say Glen was feeling bad?” Rob asked me.

“Well he had a seizure yesterday after school,” I explained.

“Well lets go see if he’s home then. We can make sure he’s feeling okay!” Rob said and he started to head back toward the main road.

“This way is quicker!” I announced, “We can cut out the back, walk through the woods and get to Glen’s house in just a few minutes,” I said, walking us through the Rosetick’s backyard. By cutting through the woods, we shaved off most of the trip. If we’d gone Rob’s way, which is the way we would have had to take if we’d been driving it would have taken us so much longer.

We came up on the backyard of Glen’s house, where the swing set was in use by Glen’s little sister Susan (just like my mom) and a friend of hers whom I recognized but couldn’t recall her name.

“Hi Todd!” Susan called to me as we walked up.

The other little girl had quit swinging and whispered something in Susan’s ear causing them to both to giggle. Susan whispered something back and the other girl smiled sweetly and said “Hi Matt!” It was obvious from where I stood that she was sweet on Matt.

Matt, without fidgeting and with perfect confidence replied “Oh, Hi Beth!”

I could tell that Matt knew she liked him, and as much as it pains me to admit this, I was a little jealous that at 12 he handled talking to a girl better than I do. He said more with just three words then what I couldn’t manage to say with twenty when I talk to Mandy.

“Is your brother here?” I asked Susan.

“Yup, he’s in the house playing games with,” her nose wrinkling as if she noticed some rotten smell “BB!”

“He’s so gross!” Beth agreed. They both giggled more.

We headed toward the side of the house, where a sliding glass door gave entrance to the basement. I could see Glen and BB’s heads as they sat on the couch watching the television. We knocked on the sliding glass door and BB got up to let us in.

I felt a slight pang of disappointment upon seeing BB and Glen, I guess in a way I had hoped they might not be home. All the way over here from Kevin’s I had struggled between giving myself a pep talk and wishing that we were going back to Aunt Sarah’s house. I know BB got an eye full of my diapers yesterday and I did realize that both BB and Glen had spent the night at Rob’s. I knew when I left the house diapered that we might run into someone, but still it seemed different somehow right here and right now. I mean even if BB (and no doubt Glen) knew what I was wearing at night, what would they think about me wearing them during the day too?

Self-consciously I put my backpack beside the door, instead of taking it into the house. I figured it would be safe enough there and wouldn’t be as awkward as walking around Glen’s house with it.

“Hey ya’ll, come in,” BB said as he slid the door open.

“Hey, what ya’ll doin’?” Glen asked us as we filed in. I tried to walk as discretely as possible, but with Rob and Rick both in diapers it was hard to tell who was crinkling, so I don’t know if I hid anything or not.

“Todd was showing us the ridgeline trail today and we decided to see what everyone was up to. We stopped by Kevin’s house but there was no one home.”

“Well, were just bored around here; there isn’t anything good on TV, either,” Glen said.

“Guess what? I got us some fireworks for tomorrow night! If it’s still damp out we can shoot them off,” Rob said completely ignoring the context of the conversation.

“Cool, I got some around at home, too! I will bring them over if you like?” BB said.

“That would rock! Then we’ll have that much more!” Rob said his excitement mounting. I wonder if he ever got fireworks in Chicago, probably not from the way he was acting.

“What are you guys doing tonight?” Glen asked.

“I don’t know,” I said shrugging and looking to Rob.

“Mom and Dad want us home tonight for some reason – we have to be home by suppertime – I think we are supposed to go out for dinner.” Rob answered and then asked Glenn, “Are you feeling any better?” Todd said you got sick yesterday afternoon?”

“Much better today. Thanks for asking.” Glen said, sounding genuinely touched that his new friends cared enough to ask.

BB suddenly piped up, “Hey, we got enough people to race the four wheelers and keep it interesting!”

For the last few year that had always been a favorite activity of ours, most especially BB who raced anything, but it had only been last summer that Glen’s folks had let us ride without adult supervision. Robs face lit up, and I realized he had probably never done anything like that either. “What kind of urban hell is it, in the big city?” I asked myself.

Rob’s voice pounded with excitement when he said, “Wow, that would be great! I’ve seen them on TV but I have never ridden one.”

“Let’s go then!” Glen said, and using the remote he turned off the TV, beckoning us to follow him upstairs.

“MOM! MOM! We’re going to go ride the quads for a while!” Glen called out.

“Oh okay, be careful and have...” Glen’s momma was saying as her voice carried like she was coming closer and closer. She stopped mid sentence when she rounded the corner from kitchen and saw us all standing there.

“I didn’t know you had company!” she said taking all of us in. Of course BB didn’t count as company and I don’t much think I did either. I think that was Mom-speak for ‘Rob and Rick’.

“Hi Momma Reed!” I said to her.

“Hello Todd. Hello Rob, is this your younger brother?”

“Yup he’s my kid brother, but he’s pretty cool, most of the time.” Rob joked.

“Hey!” Rick said indignantly before offering his hand “Nice to meet you, Mrs. Reed!”

“Nice to meet you, too, Rick,” she said shaking the boys hand before turning to Glen and BB, “And so well mannered too! You two heathens could learn a thing or two.”

“I got all the manners I need; I don’t scratch in public no more,” BB said drawing his accent out thicker as he went carried on. I have never figured out why being so smart BB enjoyed playing the hillbilly so much.

”So now you boys want to go run the quads? Have you or your brother ever ridden before Rob?”

“No ma’am, But I’m sure I can learn real quickly.” He answered obviously trying to keep a note of desperation from his voice.

I was surprised at his saying “maam”; guess a little of ‘When In Rome’ was rubbing off on Rob after all.

“Well it can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. Mind if I clear this with your Mom first?” she asked.

Rob tried hard not to show his disappointment. “That would be fine. Would you like me to call her for ya?” Rob asked.

We all followed Rob into the Kitchen and he called his Mom at the office.

“Mom? We’re at Glen’s house. Yea, Kevin wasn’t home. We want to ride Glen’s quads, but his momma wanted me to get your permission first.” Rob paused a moment listening then said, “It’s a four-wheeler thing like on TV.” Another paused then, “No, an off-road go kart kind of thing. They get to ride them all the time.” Rob was quiet for a little longer this time. When he spoke again it went something like this, “No [Pause] No [Pause] Yea [Pause] Okay.” And with that he handed the phone to Glen’s Momma who took the receiver with a smile.

I sat down at the table where some papers were scattered out. It looked like Glen’s mom was cutting out coupons from the sales circulars. Guess that’s why they have money.

The kitchen here hadn’t changed much since the first time I was here about 10 years ago. The walls were still the same bright yellow with a strawberry stencil design along the top. The linoleum was pristine and the kitchen looked like it was never used, which in fact it was and often! Glen’s mom was a bake-sale-queen and she baked more than anyone in town. I don’t think there was ever a wedding party around here that didn’t get their cake from this kitchen.

“Yes Todd rides real well too and...” I heard my name and that made me pay attention to this side of the conversation. “... those three know well enough not to horse around. I trust them to ride by themselves, but figured it would be best to clear it with you before letting your boys ride. Uhhuh. Sure. Don’t worry. I will. Okay!”

And with that Mrs. Reed handed the phone back to Rob who listened for a minute before agreeing profusely to something said on the other end. Rob then handed the phone to Rick who did the same.

Rick said, “Love you, too!” just before hanging up.

“We can go!” Rick said jumping and punching his fist triumphantly into the air.

“You boy’s best be real careful. And Rob and Rick, you make sure and listen real close so you don’t get hurt!” Glen’s momma said as we left.

“We will!” Rick and Rob both assured her prompting BB, Glen and I to also offer our own assurances of caution. I think Patsy Reed was only somewhat put at ease by our promises, and I am sure no small part of her unease came from Rick and Rob being the children of lawyers.

We opened the third garage door and filled the two ATVs with gasoline before pushing them out into the driveway to start them. Glen’s dad didn’t like us to start them in the garage as the smell from the exhaust got into the house. So I helped to push one out while Rob helped to push the other. Glen and BB stared the quads and drove slowly on the side of the road to the big field further down the street.

Once at the field we spent the better part of a half hour explaining how to work the gears. Rick got it much easier than his brother and he was riding in circles while Rick was still trying to keep his from stalling.

“Put it back in first;” Glen instructed, “you can’t start out in third.”

Rob pushed the gear pedal down twice.

“Naw, pull up on it with your foot. Pushing puts it in a higher gear,” BB said from beside his friend.

Rob clicked the pedal up until it was back in first and then throttled the quad propelling it forward. He finally seemed to catch on, and improved greatly with a few more minutes practice. Rob and Rick both drove around the field at a slow pace before finally opening the engine up and getting a little speed.

Glen motioned them over to where the three of us stood. I was standing ready to jump out of the way if it looked like Rob was going to hit me, but he did just fine stopping at the same time as Rick.

“Ready to race then? Here to just shy of the big post out yonder where that barn used to be,” BB said pointing to the single beam, which stood in the ground where an entire building was at one time.

“I race the winner!” I called out.

Rick drove around us to line up his quad where BB indicated and Rob got his ATV lined up even with Rick’s.

Glen took on the roll of announcer and with a big booming voice proclaimed, “Racers! Ready. Set. GO!”

The race was over pretty quick. Rick seemed to intuitively know when and where to shift and left his brother far behind. He made the finish a full second before his brother and just sat there smiling beneath his helmet.

Glen, BB and I got to the other side of the field a few seconds later having started our walk as soon the riders took off. Rob had dismounted and handed me his helmet, he was all grins despite having lost. I hopped on the quad and Rick and I both turned around and lined up facing back towards the street.

Rick gave me a real run for my money, which was surprising since he had never rode before, but I knew I was the more experienced rider and much more comfortable with the speed. So after I had clearly pulled ahead I couldn’t resist sliding the backend around as we got back to where the last race had started, my sliding backend slinging the still damp turf into the air in little clumps.

“Good race!” I told Rick who was grinning the same as his older brother had when he’d hopped of the quad.

“That was so cool! Dad has got to get us some of these!” Rick said as he removed his helmet and sprinted to his brother. He quickly recounted the entire race on the off chance that his brother had missed any detail.

Glen picked up the helmet and got on the quad. Most often Glen and I were evenly matched, Glen was probably a better rider than me, but his weight probably kept his times a little lower.

“This is gonna be close. Ya’ll wait for me to spot you from over there,” BB said as he ran back toward the post.

Glen secured his helmet and we waited for BB to cross the field. We both took turns revving the engine at each other.

BB stood at the beam; his arms out stretched like wings as he shouted, “Mark! Set!” and then with a drop of his arms, “GO!”

My hand slipped a bit on the handle bar and I got a bit of a sloppy start. Glen started perfectly; even though I corrected and even started to regain ground Glen cleanly beat me.

“Good race, Hoss, not good enough, but good race,” he said as I removed my helmet and sprung off the bike. The ground was a little squishy from all the traffic we had put the area through and I back peddled to get on firmer ground.

BB jumped into the seat I had just vacated. I knew my part, and just as BB had done for us, I went to work as the flag on the other side of the field. Rick and Rob had just managed to cross the field when I motioned them to turn around so we could get back to the other side.

“Aw we just got here!” Rick whined.

“We need to wait on the other side,” I said and we three trotted back across the field.

I stood in the middle and had Rick and Rob off to one side, where they wouldn’t be in any danger of being hit. It was only a few seconds ‘til I dropped my arms and the quads came speeding toward my side of the field. From straight on, I couldn’t see who was winning, but I guessed it was BB. BB was a natural when it came to driving anything. As a kid BB rode motocross, go-carts, quads, dirt bikes, you name it. His dad had even arranged for him to drive on the short track down around Roopberg, where he tied a lap record in the Rookie Roster. That’s not to say BB won every time; Glen did win their races sometimes, but I don’t think it would be a stretch to say it was often because BB let him win.

BB did end up winning, but Glen wasn’t too far behind him. Rick came running up to the quad anxious for another go when out of nowhere the sky opened up with a singular crack of thunder and dumped rain on us. Apparently inspired by our racing, Mother Nature herself was in a hurry as she went from sunny to torrent in one smooth stroke.

“Crap! We gotta go!” Glen said leaving the helmet on.

“Can’t ride in the rain and mud?” Rick asked.

“Not in the field. Too open!” Glen said, “We’ve got to bring them in if it thunders. Mom thinks we’ll get hit by lightning.”

We headed back towards Glen’s place, only this time Rob, Rick and myself were in the lead since we ran all the way back, while BB and Glen had to drive the quads slowly on the side of the road in case traffic was coming. His father, who said driving on the road was bad enough and that driving fast was far worse, had caught Glen once driving fast on the road. Glen lost the quads for a whole month and ever since then he has made it a point to drive carefully even in unpleasant conditions.

We got to the garage just ahead of the four wheelers, which Glen and BB both cut off in the drive so that they coasted into the garage. Mrs. Reed was in the doorway with a stack of bath towels.

“Came a squall, didn’t it?” She asked as she handed us each a towel. “You all are soaked, through!”

Soaked through, if she only knew how many times I had thought of myself in those terms over the last two weeks. I hadn’t thought of my diaper for at least an hour and I wasn’t even aware of how wet it might be. I’d let a little bit go here and there, but I couldn’t tell how much damage I had done. That rather scared me; how could I not have paid more attention? I wanted to reach into my pants and feel my diaper, but I couldn’t do so with everyone there.

“You boys; off with those wet shoes so you don’t track mud on my clean carpets!” Mrs. Reed told us as we all kicked our shoes off.

She then added, “To the kitchen with all of you! I made cupcakes, which is just what you need right now.”

She must have started on the cupcakes as soon as we left because there they sat on a plate in the middle of the table, which was now coupon and newspaper free. The only evidence of any activity in the kitchen was the still cracked oven door and a wire rack on the counter top.

We sat around the table and Mrs. Reed brought us each a can of Coke.

“What kind of cupcakes you make?” Glen asked his mom as he bent the tab on his coke back making a sharp hissing sound.

“Coca-Cola cake.” She answered.

Now, a quick tangent for those of you reading this not lucky enough to live here in the land of cotton, where Waffle House’s dot the landscape and Wal-Mart is almost a religion unto itself. There are a few pieces of indispensable southern wisdom when it comes to cooking, which I will now gladly share with you-my friends north of the Mason-Dixon. The first is that pork is a seasoning and should be used as such; fat back is good for you if used in beans and greens. The second is that there is no food, which isn’t improved when fried and covered in gravy, we should know we brought the world Country Fried Steak and Fried Chicken. Thirdly, that Coca-Cola isn’t just for drinking, it is the secret ingredient in much of southern cooking, Coca-Cola cake being just one such example. So if you have never had it, trust me and look up a recipe on Google, you won’t be disappointed, I promise!

We sated ourselves on cupcakes and coke, BB helping himself to two cupcakes. It has always astounded me that BB was toothpick thin ‘cause he ate twice as much as Glen, especially where sweets were concerned. Glen, who despite his corpulent appearance ate in moderation, which was no doubt difficult with a mother addicted to producing baked goods.

“Oh Rob, sweetheart.” Mrs. Reed said while we were talking at the table “I brought your bag in from outside when it started to rain.”

“My bag?” Rob asked, not getting it right away.

“Your knapsack by the basement door. I saw it when I called Suse and Beth inside,” she said.

“Oh, that bag! Thanks Mrs. Reed,” Rob said.

“Well I put it in the hall by the bathroom so you won’t forget to take it with you,” she said and I guess that was her way of being discreet.

“No ma’am, I won’t and thanks a lot though for looking after it for me.” He answered after quickly swallowing a mouthful of cupcake.

“Well you can bring it in next time and I can watch it for you if you like.” Patsy Reed offered.

“Will do Mrs. Reed!” Rob said.

My ears felt a little warm during this conversation, and I wondered if anyone else noticed. I am glad that Mrs. Reed had assumed the diaper bag was Robs, which meant she didn’t know as much as I assumed she did yesterday when she saw my baby powder and wipes.

We sat around the table and talked, relating our ATV experience to Glen’s momma who at least pretended to be interested as we recounted our racing stories. Rick excused himself and headed to the bathroom. While we talked the storm passed and the rain had eased up, but Mrs. Reed still insisted on driving us home so we wouldn’t have to walk all the way back to town to catch a ride.

“You boys wouldn’t want to walk ridgeline after that rain anyways. It’s probably muddier than ever right now,” she said.

We were just getting ready to leave when Susan came from her bedroom where she and Beth had been sequestered the whole time we were there.

“Ya’ll leaving?” She asked her mom.

“I’ll be gone just for a few minutes to take these boys back home so they don’t get all muddy and wet.” Mrs. Reed answered.

“Oh okay.” Suzy said before making eye contact with me, “Todd, I think momma brought in your backpack for you so don’t forget it.”

“Um, thanks,” I said as I turned beet red. “Smooth Todd!” I thought to myself, had I not lost my cool and blushed there, I’m certain Mrs. Reed would have assumed I was just carrying it for Rob. Now I bet she at least suspects it was mine; and with what she saw yesterday? I hope she doesn’t think me too weird to hang out with Glen anymore. “That’s stupid, Todd!” I thought, “Why would she even care?” I asked myself. Much to my relief Mrs. Reed didn’t say a word at all.

“Don’t worry, I got it on my way back!” Rick said showing Susan the backpack.

“Okay cool.” Susan said and smiled at Rick “Beth says goodbye, too!”

“Tell her I said bye and tell her she can call me if she wants too.” Rick said back.

“Grrrrr!” I growled to myself thinking that the stupid little kid was going to - as they say, ‘Get the girl’ and all I was ever going to get was sweaty palms.

Mrs. Reed drove us all the way back to the farmhouse. We said our goodbyes and thanked her for the ride. It looked like Uncle Steve had made it home while we were gone, but he must have been in the barn or in the fields, because the house was still empty when we went inside.

The first thing I did was rush upstairs to change my diaper. I had wanted to change at Glen’s, like Rick had done, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Especially not with the whole diaper bag incident, and how could I leave one of my diapers in their trashcan? I wonder if the girls could hear the noise Rick made while changing his diaper, Susan’s room being directly across the hall from the bathroom.

I had a fresh diaper in one hand and was about to drop my pants when Rob popped into his room.

“I’ll give you a hand if you want,” he offered.

I thought for a second and I decided to let him change me. “Sure thing, thanks!”

I let my pants down and lay down on the pad that I had put out on the futon.

“Damn, you pissed your pants big time, didn’t you?” Rob said looking at my yellow fronted diaper after he had pulled down my plastic pants.

He un-taped the diaper and got a wipe from the container. “I am surprised it didn’t leak!” Rob said as he started to clean me with the wipe, “But don’t you worry; we’ll get you in dry pants in just a minute.” I was erect again despite myself.

He cleaned me off, taking his time as he did so, until I became uncomfortable with the vulnerable feeling of being so exposed. I guess my expression relayed this to Rob because he looked down on me and smiled “Easy there, little fella, I’ve got to get you all cleaned off before I can put a dry diaper on you!”

“All right, squirt, knees up!” He told me and I complied.

He unfolded the diaper slowly pulling the sides out and running a finger in the leak guards to stand them up. I had gone to feeling more awkward then before, now with my butt raised in the air. Finally, Rob scooted the diaper up under me and told me to let my legs down. He brought the diaper up and instead of taping it down he folded it onto my groin and left it there over my erection.”

He went and opened his dresser drawer, and pulled a diaper-doubler from its package, it looked like what Uncle Steve had used to bulk up Rick’s diaper the night before. “We need some more absorbency for you I think. Otherwise it won’t be twenty minutes ‘till you leak.”

He sprinkled powder onto me and into the padding of the diaper before at-long-last he taped it tightly into place.

“There you go Todd, clean and dry!” He said before adding, “For a minute!” He kidded me as he grasped my arm and just like you would a toddler he helped me stand.

“Let’s get your pants back up.” He pulled my plastic pants up into my crotch. “And now your jeans,” he said as he pulled my jeans up. He settled my jeans a little lower on my waist so a bit of my plastic pants showed from the top. After he synched my belt one notch looser than I normally wear it he said, “All done there, Sport! You can run along and play now!”

I realized I was breathing heavy, I just felt so little. That was hot; I mean, being talked to like a toddler.

“That was incredible!” I said and then thinking reciprocation was only fair I offered, “You need help?”

“Nah, it’s never the same after I take the adult role. I just can’t shift gears that fast – it would be hard for me to be ‘The baby’ after being ‘The grown up’. But some other time sure, I would love it.” Rob paused a moment and I could tell he was forming another thought. “Rick tries to do it for me sometimes, but role play just isn’t his thing when it comes to changing anyone else. Plus, I think he is uncomfortable doing something so ‘almost’ sexual with his brother. At least we don’t have the problem do we?”

I sighed at myself and the irony fairy. “Nope I don’t guess we do.”

We spent the remaining couple of afternoon-hours in front of the tube. It was about 5:30 when Aunt Sarah got in.

“Boys! Come down here for a minute, please.” She called from the kitchen.

We found Aunt Sarah and Uncle Steve sitting at the table with a couple of boxes wrapped in birthday gift-wrap in front of them. Rick and Rob didn’t seem surprised, so I think they expected this.

“Okay, you two, here’s the plan. These are your birthday presents, which are somewhat private. We know it’s early for both of you, but we figured you could put these to good use and that you might like getting them now instead of in front of other people.” Uncle Steve explained.

“After you open those, we will drive into Jerson, get a Pizza at the Pizza Palace, and then maybe see a movie,” Aunt Susan said as she finished handing Rob and I each a box.

I can recognize a clothing box when I see one, but I had a feeling I wouldn’t mind what was tucked inside this particular box. Just as a kid on Christmas or his birthday I ripped the paper and pulled the lid off. I spread the tissue aside and saw a couple pairs of pants inside. I pulled the first pair out and found they were not pants, but shorts instead. They looked like regular blue jean shorts and it took me a minute to realize how they were different. The waist was elastic throughout and while it looked like a regular button at the waist it wasn’t functional.

“I have some like that already, they are real shorts,” Rob said while I looked them over.

I reached in the box and pulled out a pair of blue jeans made the same way, only these had snaps along the inseam.

“There is extra room in those to fit over your diapers and the elastic waist helps keep them up and makes changing easier.” Aunt Sarah demonstrated pulling the waist out on the shorts showing how much it stretched.

“Thanks so much!” I told them both, I know Mom had gotten me clothes to go over my diapers, but these were made just like little kids clothes.

Rob had a new pair of Jeans as well as squared off Onesie like my new one. Only this one had vertical stripes and a baseball motif.

My next box had a blue and grey striped t-shirt with contrasting cuffs on the arms and neck. The box also contained a pair of shortalls like the ones Rob had loaned me a couple of weeks ago.

I couldn’t have picked better had I tried, and I was almost speechless. “Thanks guys!” I said giving my Aunt and Uncle both a hug.

Rob looked at his mom, “Can I get his other present now too?”

“I don’t see why not!” Aunt Sarah said and Rob tore off to the front of the house and came back a couple of minutes later with a small softball size box.

“This is from Rick and me!” Rob offered as he handed me the package.

It contained a sippy-cup with my name stenciled across one side and Taz on the other side.

“It matches mine and Rob’s, too!” Rick said going to the cupboard and pulling out a similarly made up sippy cup. He displayed his with ‘Rick’ written across one side and Speedy Gonzales on the other.

“Todd gets the idea.” Aunt Sarah said before Rick could get down Rob’s sipper too.

I hugged both my cousins and whished I had something with me to give to Rob. Oh well I could get Mom to take me shopping when she gets back.

“Now we better get you boys ready for dinner.” Aunt Sarah said directing us back to the bedrooms. “You boys have a seat and I’ll be right there.”

It was actually Uncle Steve who came into the room. He had a couple of odd pad like things in one hand. “Okay birthday boy number one, come and get it,” he said and directed Rob to the stand in front of the futon.

He stripped his son there on the spot and had him lay on the futon. Steve started to diaper the boy like normal only this time he unfolded the large pad and stuffed it into the diaper.

“It’s a Moliform Liner, better than a doubler because it holds a lot more.” He explained for my benefit as he snapped on a pair of plastic pants over Rob’s diaper.

The extra bulk was evident when Rob stood up. Uncle Steve held out a pair of Rob’s new blue jeans and had his son step into them one leg at a time. He pulled them up around the boy’s waist where he pulled up the half zipper and snapped the waist closed. Robs diaper and pants were left exposed by a small amount, much as Rob had done for me earlier in the day, only these jeans couldn’t rise any higher even if Rob had wanted them to. Uncle Steve then got a shirt from Rob’s closet and pulled it over the boys’ head and arms. The shirt looked normal at first glance, a lot like my new shirt in fact, but then I noticed that it was cut just an inch or two shorter than normal, which meant that his shirt wouldn’t cover the bulk of his diaper and that when sitting or reaching for things his diaper would be exposed.

Rob admired himself in the mirror and for good reason too. He look all of three or four years old, only taller.

“Okay, Todd, you’re up. You want to wear your new clothes, too? Or is that too much, too soon for you?”

“You bet I do!” I said stepping out of my big boy jeans.

Once diapered, I was taken aback by the bulk of the booster pad. It was thick and added considerably to my diaper size, much more than the insert Rob had used earlier.

“You got a favorite pair of plastic pants?” Uncle Steve asked me.

“Fire trucks!” I said and laughed despite myself.

He opened my plastic pants drawer and pulled out the pants in question. He snapped my fire truck pants on me and then held out my new jeans for me to step into, which I did. I found myself dressed exactly like Rob. The more I looked at him the more I noticed how toddler like he looked, when you knew what to look for. A quick glance and he (Or me I suppose) would look like a normal kid, but any closer examination would leave no doubt in the viewers mind exactly what we were wearing. The elastic at the waist left our pants puffed out with no chance of hiding our diapers and the shirts were short enough to make sure our diapers and plastic pants were exposed when we were active.

I walked a few steps, well more like waddled. The other thing about these jeans that I couldn’t help but notice was that my diaper was particularly loud. So far wearing plastic pants had helped to muffle the crinkling sound a bit, but I guess that only worked with tight pants. It seemed that the extra room in the seat of the toddler style jeans kept the diaper from becoming compressed and silenced.

“All right, you two, let’s go!” Uncle Steve told us as he ushered us downstairs with a swat to our diapered rear ends.

We met Rick and Aunt Sarah back in the kitchen. Rick had been dressed in a similar fashion to Rob and I, and it made our age differences even less apparent. Aunt Sarah had an honest to goodness children’s diaper bag over her shoulder this time, its zipper opened and with our diapers peeking out the top for anyone to see.

We rode away from the house and headed toward the bright lights, well figuratively at least, of Jerson and before I knew it we were turning into the “Pizza Palace”. I had wanted to eat here for the last couple of months; Mom and I just hadn’t had the opportunity. The Pizza Palace, which looked like it might have been a Pizza Hut in its past life, was packed beyond capacity.

We circled the parking lot twice before finding a parking space. As we pushed our way into the small lobby we found that it was cramped and claustrophobic. Two arcade games sat against one wall, one an ageing Major Havoc machine and the other one looked like it had Tekken loaded, but the marquis was damaged and ripped behind the Plexiglas. I got to looking closer at the machine and I think it might have been a Centipede machine originally! I was dumbfounded, some Duffus tried to convert a Centipede cabinet to a Tekken cabinet. No wonder the game seemed in such sorry shape, who would do such a horrible thing to a classic game like Centipede?

Rick waddled through the group of people and pressed some quarters into Robs and my hands. I raised an eyebrow looking at the poor Tekken convert hoping that was not what they wanted to play. If I were by myself, I might have played a bit of Major Havoc, which in my humble opinion is one of Atari’s most underappreciated classic arcade games. Rob and Rick worked further back into the corner and when I got close Centipede cabinet had obviously not been let near the pristine low profile Jamma cabinet almost hidden in the back of the lobby near the Pick-up Window for the ‘To Go’ orders.

“It’s on now,” I said seeing the cabinet was playing Marvel vs. Capcom 2. I dropped my quarters in and selected Wolverine and Spiderman. Rick got in and selected Ryu and Iron Man. “He was so toast.” I’d said to myself.

I managed to hold both of them off several times, even to the point of giving them my extra quarters so they could play more too. After several rounds, I’m not exactly sure how many, Uncle Steve managed to get our attention and we understood that our table was ready. Rob and I finished the round and I won again, but I just left my play to get taken out by the computer by whoever played it next. Inside I was secretly smug and gloating at my victory especially considering the beating I normally take every time we play Rob’s Xbox.

We got a booth and I was scooted in against the wall with Rob sitting next to me on the open end. Uncle Steve sat opposite me and Aunt Sarah sat across from Rob. Rick sat in a chair at the end of the table. I could hardly believe it when Aunt Sarah had put the strap of the diaper bag over the back of Ricks chair, which meant it was visible to anyone in the restaurant who walked by or glanced our way.

Soon a middle-aged waitress who had been running frantically over the entire dining area stopped at our table. “Well, hello there, cuties!” She said as she put down a paper placemat in front of Rick and Rob before leaning over to put one down for me, too.

“Hi, Joyce!” Rick said brightly.

“Joyce waits on us whenever we come here,” Rob explained to me.

“Yes Sir, I do, and who’s your friend here? You two strike a remarkable resemblance.” She asked Rob as she put a small box of Crayons down on each placemat.

“This is my cousin Todd,” Rob said.

“I see. It’s nice to meet you, Todd!” she said.

“Nice to meet you, too!” I smiled back at her as I fumbled to open the box of crayons.

Joyce took the table’s drink order and melted back into the crowd to grab our beverages and to serve the other patrons. Examining the box of crayons, I saw the neat row of the eight primary colors. I slid the blue one out and rolled it in my fingers for a minute. The placemat was printed with some nonsensical Safety-First picture, but damn if it didn’t seem a bit bizarre, too. My placemat featured three boxes with ‘Avoid these hazards’ written across the top. One box had a child poised to plunge a butter knife into an electrical outlet. Another box depicted a child about to dash into the street to fetch a ball, which had rolled into the path of an oncoming car. The third design showed a kitchen cupboard opened to reveal cleansers all marked with the poison symbol and a kid with a water glass in his hand.

“Kinda gruesome, ain’t it?” I commented before starting to outline the soon to be electrified lad’s pants.

“Yup! Joyce has some special just for us. Rob printed them off the Internet and we brought them up here.” Rick said as he colored a car stalled on a set of railroad tracks.

“That’s um, very nice of her to do that,” I said at a loss.

“Well she’s kind of Mom’s friend, too,” Rick said, as if that should make everything clear.

“I met Joyce just after we moved here. I was at the fabric store looking for a local seamstress who could make some special orders for the boys. I asked the woman working there if she knew of anyone in the area who took commissions and she walked me over to Joyce. We got to talking and I found her husband was opening a restaurant, and needed some legal advice, so we swapped services. Joyce was more than a little surprised when I told her exactly what I wanted and why, but she really came through and made the cutest pair of shortalls in the world for Rick.”

I was so engrossed in coloring and listening to the story that I didn’t notice Joyce had returned and was setting our drinks out. The adult drinks came in normal glasses, but our drinks came in plastic tumblers with a lid and straw poking through.

Joyce picked up where Aunt Sarah left off, “I wondered if the boys liked the clothes, so I asked Sarah what the boys thought. I sure was surprised when, there on opening night, these four marched in the door big as life and these two,” she pointed at Rob and Rick, “wearing what I made ‘em! It was the cutest thing I ever done seen!” Joyce said as she leaned over the table handing out drinks. “Well, back with your pies in a minute!”

“Joyce took to the idea of making these special clothes, and as soon as I am certified to practice here in Alabama she has requested that I incorporate her for her own Internet business.” Aunt Sarah said obviously proud.

“Did she make my clothes, too?” I asked

“She sure did. She already had Rob’s measurements so making duplicates was pretty straight forward.”

Rob chuckled as he colored a soda machine poised to fall on the kid trying to rock the machine to get free drinks.

“Dude, where did you get these?” I asked him indicating the placemats.

“Somewhere on the web, Everyday tragedies it was called, but I don’t remember the exact site though.” Rob explained.

It had been probably close to 10-years since I colored at a restaurant table, and I had forgotten how effective it was at making time pass, because it didn’t seem to take anytime at all before the food got to us. Aunt Susan gathered the papers up and put them in the side pocket of the diaper bag and she had us put the crayons back in the boxes to be given back to Joyce.

“Okay I got one sausage, ham and pineapple and one bacon, beef and extra cheese.” Joyce said as she set the pizzas down and handed out plates to each of us. “Ya’ll enjoy, I’ll be back to check on you in a minute.”

Pineapple on pizza sounded kinda freaky so I stuck with the beef and bacon. I found the little round shaker of crushed red pepper and shook it out all over the pizza on my plate. I had been a capsaicin addict since I was 9 when Kevin and I both had gotten into a ‘Tabasco on our food’ phase. I’d since learned all about peppers; the different kinds and exactly how “hot” some peppers can be. Just for a point of reference Tabasco sauce rates at a capsaicin index of about 1000, while some of the peppers we bought at the farmers market rated in the tens of thousands.

The pizza while good was not great, but I decided that, if for no other reason than I loved how nice Joyce was, that I would make this my favorite pizza place and possibly my favorite place to eat in all of Jerson.

The meal passed quickly, with most of the dinner conversation being dedicated to, once again, the retelling of the afternoons racing exploits. I tried to remember if I had been that excited my first time, but the memory was too distant for me to judge.

Uncle Steve paid the tab and on our way out I made sure to thank Joyce for doing such a great job on my clothes.

“I’m glad you like them sug’. Ya’ll sure you can’t stay for a big slice of cheesecake?” she asked.

Is it any wonder kids are getting fatter each year? I mean in the span of one day that was the third time I had been offered something ‘desert like’ by an adult. Not that I’m complaining mind you, but gee-whiz, come up with something better than video games to blame weight gain on. BAH!

We walked across the parking lot and went right past the van, crossing over a small grassy median separating the Pizza Palace parking lot from the strip mall, which held the Jerson Cinema 8.

Adjoined to the movie theater was the Treasure World Arcade that we had to pass on our way. The Arcade looked to be filled with kids about my age playing games and having a good time. We all got in the line to the box-office to wait until Uncle Steve suggested to his wife. “Why don’t you take the boys inside and get drinks and stuff? I’ll be along in a minute with the tickets.”

So we split off and followed Aunt Sarah inside the theater and got in yet another line. “Anyone want anything besides a soda?” She asked us.

Soda and candy, right? Make that sugar quotient go up to four-times now. But even had I wanted, too, I was too stuffed even for popcorn. Normally, I considered viewing a movie without popcorn a sacrilege, which no doubt pissed God off immensely; I mean why else would he have invented popcorn? As it was, no one else was interested in anything else to eat either. So, with just five large Cokes we met up with Uncle Steve near the pimply-faced teenager, whose sole job in life revolved around ripping paper in half and pointing to a door.

We were going to see the third installment of the Harry Potter movies, and I think we were all excited; at least I sure was! I watched the first movie on DVD at Glen’s house and Mom took me to see the second one here in Jerson when it came out. I had read the third Harry Potter book and was anxious to see how they handled all the special effects.

We walked into the dark auditorium filled with the hushed murmurs of pre-movie conversations. Even amongst the talkers you could quite distinctly hear our diapers as we walked, or at least I could hear Rob and Ricks and they were a good six feet ahead of me. And even if it was just my imagination and no one did notice when we walked in, the people on our row sure had to notice as we scooted our way down in front of those sitting in the end seats.

We had made it in before the end of the trailers for the coming attractions, which was nice, since I generally enjoyed trailers. Words can’t express how happy and content I was sitting there with my cousins watching a movie, thickly diapered and wearing little kid clothes. Just as the movie began I managed to wet myself a bit, and I made a point of letting go whenever the urge hit during the next two hours.

At on point in the movie, when Harry is shown to be in bed in his dormitory with Ron and his other classmates in their respective beds, I had the most unusual little tangential runaway thought. I had only read a few diaper stories now, but it was enough to know that TB/AB/DL folk in England were even stranger than we were here in America. I mean what the hell does nappy mean anyways? Well suddenly, I am thinking about “What if Harry Potter was a diaper story?” I know I’m probably going straight to hell for thinking that but, I could see the scene perfectly in my mind “And Harry Strode about the room,” well strode because Harry strides everywhere! “Waiting for the firm head mistress rubber-nurse to visit their dormitory and thrash them for being naughty little nappy-boys.”

I leaned over to Rob, to explain my brilliant, if not a bit twisted imago, but a cautionary pause to try and phrase it right, gave me enough time to realize that I could not articulate the mental images and make it funny to anyone else but me. ‘Firm head mistress rubber nurse?’ Indeed!

Rob turned his head and looked at me leaning over him, “What?”

“Um nothing; never mind,” I said as I sat back in to the middle of my seat and settled for wetting myself a little more.

Anyways, all during the remainder of the movie I was distracted by lewd mental imagery of Professor Snape and Madam Pomfrey-the school nurse, so much so, that I had to struggle to keep from chuckling and being the only laughing.

The great thing about wearing diapers to the movies comes from not having to miss anything because of a trip to the bathroom. Case in point, near the end when Dumbledore was giving his advice to Hermione and Harry, I was just as pleased as could be to sit there in my seat getting to watch the movie rather than dashing to the men’s room. I sighed and let go with another small flood.

Once the movie ended we followed the other folks in our row and pressed into the congestion of people leaving the theater. We got to the lobby and came to a standstill in midst of the throng of people heading in different directions. It looked like several movies had ended within the same span of time. I’d always figured they staggered the times better than that, but then again, what did I know?

”Mom! I’m wet can you change me before we ride back home please?” Rick said much louder than he absolutely needed to.

Aunt Sarah looked down at her son and put some exasperation in her voice “You’re wet eh? Well I suppose you boys will need changed sometime, better sooner than later.” She wasn’t as loud as Rick had been, but loud enough that I gathered that being overheard was the point.

Just on the one side of the concession stand and perpendicular to the normal restrooms was a family restroom. The picture in the center of the door showed a stick man, woman, and child holding what would have been hands. There was a line for this restroom, with two families groups ahead of us. The woman closest to the door had a crying two year old by the hand and a screaming infant in a carrier; I imagine her fellow theatergoers appreciated her kindness in not hiring a babysitter.

The door opened and even as another patron was trying to leave, Mrs. Manners and her noisemakers pushed their way inside and slammed the door shut with a thud.

The other person in line ahead of us had a little girl and a little boy who both looked to be a year or so beyond diaper age, but arguably I probably looked a good 12 years beyond diaper age, current clothing not withstanding. But I still wondered at what they were going into the group restroom for as she had no diaper bag with her. In the end I couldn’t say for sure ‘cause this was to be my first venture into this type of restroom and had no clues what to expect. A man and a boy of about six got in line behind us. The man had a folded up pull-up in one hand and the little boy seemed to squirm around like he was uncomfortable.

Seeing this, Rick started fidgeting himself, he pulled and pushed the velvet rope on the concession stand queue enough that his shirt kept riding up and exposing his diaper.

Rob turned on his brother “Stop it, dork! We’ll get changed in a minute, or do you want mom to get mad and make you ride home in a wet diaper?”

“Quit it, both of you! Right now!” Aunt Sarah scolded them both.

If I hadn’t known this to be a game I would have thought them really on the verge of trying her patience.

Suddenly Aunt Sarah turned on me. I was standing just behind her with Rob and Rick on the other side of her. She looked down at me and slowly shook her head back and forth “Todd, your shoe is untied again. Tie it before you trip and fall, or should I tie it for you so it won’t come undone again?”

“No ma’am I can get it,” I said marveling at the slick opening she gave me to play too, if I’d wanted. Lord she was crafty; no wonder she made such a good lawyer.

While I was getting the nerve to bend down and tie my shoe, the door to the restroom opened and Miss Mannerly came out again with both children in tow, their aforementioned state of displeasure still in tact with both children still crying and screaming.

Taking in a deep breath, I bent down over my waist before squatting down and instantly felt a bit of a draft as my shirt rode above my jeans and over the rise of my plastic pants above them. I tied my shoe, which had in reality only become partially untied. I lingered for a minute and when stood back up feeling my shirt fall back down, but I think it settled on the ridge at the top of my plastic pants, which left an inch or so gap between the top of my jeans and the bottom of my shirt.

Aunt Sarah left me like that for a second before she ‘noticed’ prompting her to yank my shirt down in the back. She looked at me and shook her head “I swear, you boys completely lack any sense at all!”

She smiled appraisingly at the man in line behind me and we all stepped closer to the door.

“Looks like you got a handful there,” he told her sympathetically.

“Don’t I know it! At least someday your little tyke will outgrow his accidents. Mine, well, I’ve given up on that.” Aunt Sarah said, again not at full volume, but loud enough for anyone to hear with out straining.

I didn’t know I could go from being an exhibitionist to beet-red so quickly but I did. I noticed Rob had hung his head as he too blushed deeply. I also think he was smiling, but it was hard to tell with his head hung so low. Rick just stood there un-phased by it all and I couldn’t help but wonder how he managed it.

The door opened and the lady and the two children filed past us. Aunt Susan held the door open for the three of us. Once we’d filed past her, she told the man from the line, “There are two tables and a stall in here... if you don’t mind sharing. I’m only going to use the one table.” She offered him with a smile.

“Thank you, that’s very kind,” he said and followed us into the restroom.

On one wall there was a typical fold-down baby changing station just like in nearly every public bathroom I’d been in. On the opposite wall was a long bench, where people could rest or feed an infant. Aunt Sarah led us to the bench and laid down an underpad that she had pulled from the diaper bag. “Okay Todd, hop on up there.” She instructed me.

Though my heart was about to stop, I did as she told me. She then unsnapped the legs of my jeans and folded them up exposing my plastic pants that covered my very wet diaper. “You really did need your diaper changed didn’t you?” She said and I knew the man could hear every word. “Well I’ll have you snug and dry in just a minute!” She said as she unsnapped my fire truck pants. When she started to untape my diaper I looked across the room to where the man had pulled his young sons pants off. The boy stood there, thumb in mouth, transfixed as he watching me getting changed. The man hooked his thumbs into the boy’s Pull-Up and started to pull them down when he heard a little grunt from the child.

“Daniel? Why didn’t you say you had to poop?” He exclaimed as he pulling the wet Pull-Up back into place. “I don’t have any way to clean this up!” He said exasperated as his boy squatted down and dropped a load into his Pull-Up. The man ran to the sink and started to grab at the towel dispenser.

Aunt Sarah wiped me down while I gawked at the kid. She then slid a fresh diaper up under me, but stopped just long enough to offer the man the tub of wipes. “Here these will work better than those paper towels,” she said holding out the little plastic box.

“Thank you very much!” the man said as he took the box of wipes from Aunt Sarah.

She slid another Moliform Liner in my diaper and taped me up and reapplied my fire truck pants before snapping the legs back on my jeans.

“Next!” She announced very matter-of-fact like as I climbed down. Like an over-enthused rabbit, Rob jumped at the opportunity.

The little boy, Daniel, after dropping into his squat had his father yank him up by the armpits and carry him into the stall where I can only assume he tore off the pull up and held the child over the toilet.

As Aunt Sarah was sprinkling powder onto Rob the man and boy reappeared with his son naked from the waist down. Most of it gone, but some of the foul smelling poo was still spread across the boy’s bottom. He had the boy stand as he said as he cleaned his son up with the wipes Aunt Sarah had given him.

When finished being changed, Rob joined me by the sink where I had been standing watching the man and his son. I couldn’t help but notice that the little boy was still watching all of the action on our side of the room.

Aunt Sarah was finishing Rick at the same time the man was pulling the new pull-up up onto his child’s diaper area. He had rolled up the boys’ pants and had him step back into his sandals leaving his Pull-Up fully exposed.

Aunt Sarah tossed our old diapers into the trash and ushered us to the door as she opening it for us. When we first walked into the restroom, had we been taking bets on who would be out first? I wouldn’t have guessed us, that is for sure!

Emerging from the restroom I saw that there was only one other family in line waiting to use the family restroom. What a sight that must have been for them as the door opened and three obviously diapered, older boys, followed by one younger boy in just a pull-up came strolling out!

Uncle Steve raised an eyebrow as we got near him. “Later!” was all Aunt Sarah said to him and with that five of us walked or some of us walked while three of us waddled our way back to the Pizza Palace parking lot.

As we climbed back into the van to drive home Rob and Rick both started to tell their dad about our little changing adventure. Aunt Susan clarified and filled in some gaps.

“Wow, sounds like you guys got to put on little show!” Uncle Steve said.

”Well,” Aunt Sarah started to say as she turning around in her chair to smile at the three of us, “they certainly got a show right back!”

When we got finally got back to the farmhouse, very much to my astonishment, I had one more surprise waiting in the wings.

“Mom can we get some new scrapbook pictures?” Rob asked as we were walking in the side door.

“I think that might be a nice idea!” Aunt Sarah said, “Why don’t you go bring your scrapbook down here to show Todd?” she added.

“I’ll get mine too!” Rick shouted as he ran up the stairs to the bedroom.

Rob got back first with what looked to be a large album book. The cover was a plain solid blue with a little card in the middle that simply read ‘Rob’. Rick wasn’t too far behind Rob carrying his own book that also had his name on the cover same as Rob’s did.

We sat at the table and Rob opened his book. There was a picture of Rob and Rick’s room along with a package of GoodNites on both the bottom and top bunk. A small printed piece of paper was next to the photo, which read:

11/02/1999 – Mom and Dad are so cool; they bought me my own Pull-Ups so I wouldn’t have to take my little brothers.

“That’s not really my first package.” Rob explained, “I didn’t start the scrapbook until sometime later and I didn’t have a picture of the first pack they bought, but I wanted to have a beginning in my book. So I took a picture that would have been just like the first time.”

The next few pages had pictures of Rob running around in GoodNites, others also had Rick in them, but they all centered around Rob. Nearly every picture had a label of some sort, most said thinks like ‘Getting ready for bed’ or ‘This will keep me dry’. The further we turned in the book the more Pull-Ups lost their prominence, replaced by diapers and soon after that diapers with plastic pants.

After the first third of the book another kid started showing up in the pictures, he was short and skinny with red hair and freckles. “That’s my friend Jerry from Chicago! I met him online looking at diaper sites and our parents let us get together for sleepovers and stuff,” Rob said.

Some of the later pictures looked like they were taken someplace else, and I can only assume they were taken at Jerry’s house but it didn’t seem important enough to ask. Toward the very back of the book there was a picture of this house here in Simonsville with Rob and Rick standing in diapers on the front porch with moving boxes in the background.

“I’m almost done with this book and will have to start on a second one soon,” Rob said sounding proud at his accomplishment.

We thumbed through Ricks scrapbook as well, which followed much the same format, and shared many of the same pictures. I noticed Rick didn’t have any diaper friends of his own, and when I asked about this he explained that Matt was the first kid his age he had met who showed any interest in diapers.

“So how’d you get an idea to start a scrapbook?” I asked Rob.

“Well I wanted to put pictures of me on the Internet, like other kids do; but Mom and Dad said that was a bad idea and wouldn’t let me. They told me that I could put all the pictures online that I wanted to, when I was 18. So instead of the Internet, I take the pictures of important events and put them in this book so I will always have them. Who knows I might share these picture someday too?” Rob said before adding, “Except for Jerry’s pictures, I wouldn’t put them out without his permission, same for any with Rick or anyone else in them.”

”I don’t care. You could put them on now and I won’t mind!” Rick said flipping a page in his book.

“Duh, I meant in principal I wouldn’t do it without your permission!” Rob countered sounding annoyed that Rick had missed the point.

“Well we should get some pictures of our new clothes! And fill up the last two pages” Rick said.

So the remainder of our evening was spent with the digital camera taking pictures of the three of us boys and printing them out on the computer’s printer to put in the scrapbooks. Uncle Steve and Aunt Sarah helped us to take one picture of all three of us with arms around each others shoulders and all smiling, that picture made the last page of Rob’s book complete! He printed a small caption and cut it out before pressing it into the page.

6/5/04 – My cousin, my brother, and both my best friends. Diaper boys forever.

Chapter 13A – Looking back, looking forward, and maybe just looking around.

The morning sun, working its way through a place where the blinds were not closed properly, woke me up annoyingly early. A small single patch of sunlight came through the window and fell right across my face forcing me to roll over on my side to avoid the harsh beam. Even if I couldn’t see the sun after turning away, I still could feel the small swatch as it cut across the back of my head and over one ear, its summer heat just barely detectable in contrast to the room’s temperature. I pushed my eyes closed trying to force myself back to sleep, but it was too late, I was awake and I knew there was no hope of getting back into a restful sleep. So, it was with more than a little reluctance that I tossed back the sheet and rolled off the bed. I checked that Rob was still sleeping soundly on the top bunk before I quietly opened the bedroom door and crept downstairs.

Making my way down the stairs, the only noise coming from the wet squish of my diapers, I could already smell coffee wafting up from the kitchen and for some reason I though a cup sounded ideal this morning. In the kitchen, I found Uncle Steve sitting at the table alone with a mug of coffee, a pad of paper and a pencil.

“Good morning Todd, you’re up early.” He said.

“Yeah, I kinda woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep.” I said as I walked over to the little stand, which had coffee mugs hanging on it. I picked a mug off and poured a cup from the Mr. Coffee before I sat down at the table.

“I didn’t know you liked coffee. Neither of my boys will drink the stuff.” Uncle Steve observed as I sat down at the table.

I took a draw of the bitter liquid and frowned a bit at the taste. UGH! It defiantly did not taste as good as it smelled. “I don’t drink it often, but it smelled good this morning.”

“I see. I’m just figuring out what all I have to do this month. I want to have at least two of the fields ready to plant in the spring.” He said pointing at the paper that he had been writing on.

“Lot of work, but you can get this place started back up!” I said trying to sound positive.

“Well thanks for the vote of confidence.” Uncle Steve said before changing the subject on me, “You guys are having your friends from school over tonight?”

“Uh, yes sir. Glen and BB are supposed to come and so is my friend Kevin.” I said.

“I met Glen and BB last weekend, they both seemed like good kids to me. However, this Kevin I haven’t heard much about him.” He paused a second before asking, “Weren’t the two of you estranged until recently?”

It took me a second to realize what ‘estranged’ meant; it wasn’t a word I heard often. “You take the man out of law office, but you can’t take the law office out of the man.” I thought to myself. “Uh, we hadn’t got along for the last two years. But we patched things up this week.” I said.

“Wow that must have been some reconciliation, if it made up for two years of being at odds.” He said frowning slightly as he sipped at his coffee.

I figured Uncle Steve must be pumping me for information and I can’t blame him, he must be worried about Kevin coming over and being an unknown element and all. I can see where it would take just one wrong person to make things tough on all of us. Moreover, I do have to concede that it did sound odd to an outsider who didn’t know our situation, to not talk for two years and then suddenly everything is supposed to be okay. In addition, Matt had made friends with Rick, and yet Kevin stayed aloof and didn’t befriend Rob or even try.

So taking a deep breath and a swallow of coffee I repeated most of the conversation Kevin and I had on Tuesday afternoon in the schoolyard. “I guess I really had pushed him away.” I said at one point to emphasize that I agreed with Kevin.

“So was it a sleepover, which drove a wedge in your friendship to begin with? I take it that this was the sleepover that your Mom said was such a rough experience for you?” Uncle Steve asked with one eyebrow raised higher than the other.

“Yes sir. It was Glen’s birthday sleepover, we were having it at Kevin’s house and I, well, I woke up wet that morning. I had never done that before and I was so shocked and embarrassed. My friends said it was no big deal, but I thought they were just saying that. Especially when Mr. Rosetick started to yell at Kevin calling him a little pants pisser.”

“He did what? In front of you?” Uncle Steve asked, his voice momentarily betraying his shock.

“We’ll I don’t think he knew it was me who had wet the bed.” I paused just long enough to take a breath, “See, when we were little, around five or six, Kevin had daytime accidents every now and then. If Mr. Rosetick was around when it happened, he would get furious and punish Kevin severely.” I paused again to gauge Uncle Steve’s reaction before I continued, “This usually involved spanking Kevin and then taking away his pants for the rest of the day. Mr. Rosetick would yell and scream about ‘Still having a piss baby in the house!’ and would ask Kevin questions like, “Why can’t you stay dry like your baby brother?” I paused and took another sip of the coffee; this gave Uncle Steve a chance to say something.

“Wow that sounds like it had to be rough on your friend.” Uncle Steve said before nodding for me to continue.

I nodded, “It was, but he eventually outgrew it and I had all but forgotten about those incidents until that morning when I wet the bed. So there I was, wet and freaked out, and Mr. Rosetick just assumes that Kevin did it.” I said looking down into my cup of coffee. “There I was, feeling an inch tall because I had wet myself and then feeling even smaller yet for my friend getting in trouble because of me!”

I looked back up at Uncle Steve who was sitting there quietly listening, “By this time Mr. Rosetick was so red in his face and acting like he was going to give Kevin ‘What for’ right there in front of all of his friends! I tried to show Mr. Rosetick my wet shorts, to tell him I had done it and explain that it wasn’t Kevin’s fault! But, he didn’t want to hear anything I had to say. He completely ignored me and kept yelling at Kevin until finally he must have understood what I was saying, because, after the briefest pause, he stopped yelling at his son and instead commanded him to ‘Change his pissy bed before his whole room smelled like pee!’”

“I can certainly understand why you were embarrassed. Poor Kevin too, I can only imagine what that must have been like for him.” Uncle Steve said.

I was hit with an epiphany of sorts. “That’s just the thing! Kevin wouldn’t speak up! At the time, I think I assumed it was because he was mad at me for getting him into trouble, but I guess he was really trying to take the blame for me.” I said understanding, for the first time, some of Kevin’s motivation.

I continued to relate the account for Uncle Steve, “After I had changed my clothes I helped Kevin with the bed, and we got the sheets stripped. Kevin took the whole bundle off to the laundry room, but after he left, I noticed a pillowcase on the floor. I rushed to catch up to him, but I came up short when I heard angry voices from the kitchen. Mrs. Rosetick was pleading with her husband to calm down and keep quiet, but he kept on anyways, ‘Probably going to go back to his old ways of pissing his pants every day!’ I heard him say.”

I took take another drink from my coffee and then said, “Now, I couldn’t see Kevin, but I could hear him crying. I felt so bad for getting him in trouble, I promised myself to keep that from happening ever again.”

“I see and that was your last sleepover?” Uncle Steve asked.

“Uh-huh. I dropped the pillowcase where I stood and ran outside and all the way home. I think that at that moment, I could have dealt with the embarrassment, but I couldn’t stand having Kevin take the heat from his dad because of me; especially when his dad seemed so mean about it.” I realized I was staring down into my coffee cup again so I redirected my eyes to Uncle Steven, “It hadn’t dawned on me that Kevin might be just as embarrassed about the way his dad acted and was trying to shield me from it. So I guess I just drew a line around my life at that point and tried to keep everyone away from my bed-wetting problem. I was so, self absorbed, that when Kevin and my friendship fell apart, I assumed that it was because he had stopped liking me.” I took a second to think before I said, “I had always suspected that his father told him that he couldn’t be friends with a bed-wetter.”

“But as you said earlier it turned out that Kevin actually felt that you abandoned him? Is it fair to say that your fear of Kevin’s father was greater than his own?” Uncle Steve asked.

I had to think about that for a couple seconds before answering, “I... had never thought of it that way... but yeah, I guess I did. But I don’t think that it was the only reason. It’s just became easier the longer I pushed everyone away.”

I looked back into my coffee feeling a little ashamed of myself, “I guess I made my wetting into a bigger deal than it was.”

“I’m still surprised an apology was all it took to make things better between you two.” Uncle Steve commented not letting me dodge his original question.

I hadn’t really wanted to tell him the whole story, but I had already got this far, and beside it felt good to talk through this with someone. So very carefully, I told him an edited version of what happened at my house that afternoon. I told him about Kevin admitting to being a TB, and wearing one of my diapers. Of course, I left out the part where Kevin whacked me off! However, I told most of the rest of it as it had happened. The entire time I was talking, I felt as though I were breaking a confidence – that it wasn’t my place to tell Kevin’s secret, but at the same time I wanted Uncle Steve to understand.

“I think the real cincher though was when I asked him to spend the night. I think that more than anything made everything alright between us again.” I said, finishing my story and taking another swallow of my coffee.

Uncles Steve warmed our coffee up as he said, “Well that explains a great deal Todd. But it still doesn’t explain why, as a TB, he would have gotten his little brother in trouble over diapers. From the way you tell it, Kevin doesn’t sound like the petty or jealous type. He, of all people, should know first hand about the consequences and not bring that down on his brother.”

“Uncle Steve doesn’t miss much!” I thought to myself, making a note to be extra cautious around him with what I say - especially if I am trying to get away with something. I filled in the remaining details of how Matt had coaxed his big brother into telling his parents.

“So the sneaky little devil thought to play the ends against the middle did he? It’s a good thing Sarah stepped in, or it might have really backfired on him.” He said to me before saying, “Well, I feel much better about this Kevin! It sounds like you are lucky to have such a friend!”

“Thanks Uncle Steve, I didn’t know how much talking about all of this would put things in perspective for me.” I told him as I downed the last of the coffee in my cup, which burned slightly going down since Uncle Steve had only just warmed it up by pouring a little more into my cup.

“Morning men!” Aunt Sarah said surprising me and I jumped a bit in my seat at the unexpected sound.

“Good morning.” I said as I went and placed my coffee cup in the dishwasher before giving Aunt Sarah a hug.

After my talk with Uncle Steve I realized just how much I owed my friends for sticking with me, and to my cousins for introducing me to all of this. I really needed to start showing those people around me how much I appreciate them. I though back to how Rob had changed me yesterday and then I marched back upstairs.

Seeing Rob still asleep, I went ahead, quietly as I could, and got the diaper supplies out along with a couple of other things I wanted. I arranged things around the futon and once everything was just right I reached up to his bunk and shook his shoulder. “Hey man, get up.” I said half whispering.

“Whas-up?” He slurred, half asleep the third time I shook him.

“Chickens and pigs and cows are up, everyone is up but you.” I prodded.

“’Kay, I’m up.” He said pulling back the sheet and climbing the ladder down.

Soon as Rob got to the bottom he got a glassy-eyed faraway look and I could tell he was flooding his diaper right there in front of me. Hmmm, I know outside of that first night I slept over Rob never mentioned bed wetting again, “So was his whole story of being a bed wetter a ruse then, just to make his diaper wearing acceptable to me?” I thought to myself and almost immediately I answered my own question within my head, “It might have been, since he said in his own story about how he stole his brother’s Pull-Ups out of attraction, not need.”

It’s kind of funny, but it hadn’t dawned on me until now that he had to deliberately wet his diaper each morning, at least the mornings I’ve been around to witness it. I made a mental note for future reference that it might be nice for him to wake up wet sometime, so I told myself that one night soon I am going to try the ‘Hand in the warm water trick’ to see if I can get him to wet himself while he’s still sleeping. It’ll be my little gift.

I tugged his PJ pants down while he was still engrossed in wetting. “Looks like someone woke up wet this morning.” I teased, “Look at that saggy diaper. It’s a wonder you don’t have to be changed during the night. You just stand there while I get things ready!”

I picked up the pair of his jockey shorts I had fetched from his drawer earlier and held them out for him to see. “I had got these out for you to change into, but I think big-boy pants would be a waste of time, they’d be wet the minute I turned my back!”

I made a big production of putting his underwear back in his drawer, folding it up and taking my time about it. I shook my head and sighed as I got a diaper from the open bag. “Well, come here so I can get you in the kind of underwear you can’t ruin.”

I un-taped his old diaper and made sure to wipe him off thoroughly before folding the wipes into the used diaper and setting it aside. I slipped the new diaper under him and put a doubler into it, just as I’d seen Uncle Steve do before taping it closed. Since I’d not taken his plastic pants all the way off but had only pulled them down his legs, I pulled them back up into place and removed his PJ bottoms from around his ankles.

He stood up, but I wasn’t quite done with him yet. “Here, you need to throw this away.” I said handing him the rolled up disposable.

Rob walked to his trashcan and tossed the diaper. “NOT in here, Rob! Haven’t you got half a brain? It’s going to smell like pee in here soon enough the way you wet yourself every few minutes. Throw it away downstairs.” I had a hard time not breaking into a grin, but I managed somehow to hold myself together, I think it might have ruined the moment otherwise.

Rob, in his shirt and diaper only, went downstairs to throw his diaper away. I took the opportunity of him being absent to change myself, only I pulled a pair of gym shorts on over my diaper. I pulled the little side bits of plastic above the waistband of my over pants, like Rob had showed me, so they peeked out like little handles and then I headed back downstairs myself.

Rob was at the counter getting bowls from the cupboard, which he put on the table along with some spoons. The carton of milk was already there so I am guessing he got that out prier to going for the bowls. Before sitting down he grabbed a couple of boxes of cereal from the small pantry by the fridge and put them in the middle of the table. I looked over the two boxes and grabbed the Golden Grahams; Cheerios are okay but far from my favorite cereal. I poured myself a bowl and replaced the box on the table.

Rick came tromping down the stairs to join us a few minutes later and seeing the bowls on the table he sat down and poured himself a bowl of cereal. “Morning everyone!” Rick said happily.

“Morning sweetie!” Aunt Sarah told him with a smile.

“What time am I going over to Matt’s house?” Rick asked between mouthfuls of breakfast.

“Well about that, champ. Your mother and I have discussed it, and we think it might be better if Matt slept over here tonight.” Uncle Steve told his son.

“Well that was quick, where did they have time to discuss anything?” I thought to myself, “I mean, I was only gone long enough to change Rob’s diaper. Unless ‘they’ was used to convey a sense of ‘don’t argue because both of us feel this way’ when in fact only might have felt that way.

“Oh okay, I guess.” Matt said looking at Rob to make sure he wasn’t going to get blamed for being home tonight.

Rob saw the look and just shrugged, “It was your idea to go over to Matt’s, not mine.”

“When you finish your cereal you boys need your showers.” Aunt Sarah told us.

I got to the hall bath first and pulled my diaper down like underwear thinking I could just pull it back on when I was out of the shower. I started water in the tub to wash my plastic pants and left them on the back of the tub to dry before getting under the shower myself. I cleaned up quickly, hurrying as best I could to save some hot water for everyone else, better to be first for a shower than last I suppose.

When I got done I could still hear water running somewhere so I figured Rob was still in the other shower. I pulled on my diaper again, grabbed my gym shorts off the counter and met Rick in the hall, with me wearing just a diaper. I don’t know what Rick was wearing, if anything, as he had a towel wrapped around his waist. Rick closed the door to the hall bath and I was only alone for the few feet of hallway to Rob’s Room where I found that Aunt Sarah was waiting for me and somehow or another I figured she wanted to talk.

“Todd, I think it is only fair to tell you, I heard a large part of your conversation with your Uncle this morning. I heard you describe the awful way Mr. Rosetick treated you. That’s why we can’t let Rick stay over there. I won’t put Rick in that kind of situation.” She paused a minute to gather herself, “It’s just awful! I don’t know how you handled Phillip Rosetick as well as you did, but it’s a shame you even had too!”

“Me—handle it well?” I said more then asked, “Aunt Sarah, I ran away! And I didn’t have anything to do with my best friend for two years!” I sighed before saying, “I think I could have handled it better.” and I was a little taken back by how bitter I suddenly felt.

Aunt Sarah went over and closed Rob’s door before saying, “Oh but don’t you see Todd? Yes, you made a mistake in judgment regarding your friend, but you did what you did out of concern. So as you said, you ran away, sometimes running away is brave thing to do. That should count for something!”

I shifted my weight so that most of it was on one leg, “Yeah, I know it sounds that way; that I wanted to keep Kevin from getting into trouble because of me... but really I didn’t want anyone to know about my wetting either and to be honest, I don’t know which I wanted more?”

Aunt Sarah looked on lovingly as I continued, “If all I cared about was Kevin? Then why didn’t I have him come to sleep over at my house?” I thought for a second and then shaking my head I said, “No Aunt Sarah, I think protecting Kevin was just an excuse I used.”

Aunt Sarah smiled, “Well I’m very proud of you either way! And I know your Mom is very proud of you too!” She said.

I smiled back, “Thanks Aunt Sarah, but it almost feels wrong letting anyone be proud of me right now.” I shifted my feet around again, “Mom thinks I have adapted real well right? Well what would she think if she knew it was a big turn-on for me to wear diapers? She wouldn’t be so proud then I bet!” I could sense my voice rising a bit.

In a tone only a mother could achieve, Aunt Sarah spoke, “She knows, Todd.” She gave me a couple seconds to absorb that before continuing, “In her own way she knows. She might not know all the terms for it, and she probably doesn’t know the extent to which you enjoy yourself when you wear diapers. But what other force can compel a 15-year-old boy to go out in public, in a diaper, voluntarily?” She gave me time to think about that one too and then she added, “So I’m sure she thinks they make you feel secure and safe, and isn’t that true too?”

I started to nod but she didn’t stop, “And she doesn’t need to know too much either, you’re at an age where things, like this, are private and I think your Mom will respect your choices.”

Aunt Sarah finally stopped long enough for me to say something, “Yes ma’am,” I was nodding my head as I talked, “that’s probably true. It’s just... well... I don’t know.” I took a second to get my thoughts straight in my head before I continued, “I look back at last night...” I paused long enough to make sure she knew I was referring to our outing to the pizza place and the movie before I continued, “and how much fun I had doing that stuff! And well, I don’t know.” I had to stop to get my get my thoughts together yet again, “It’s just that, well, the only reason my friendship is back on with Kevin is because I have somehow discovered or embraced this fetish of mine, and not ‘cause I grew-up or ‘cause I realized what kind of mistake I was making. I-I didn’t really fix anything Aunt Sarah! It was just an accident!”

Again Aunt Sarah smiled as she said, “Todd, don’t forget you were the one who approached Kevin! And besides, would you do anything differently if what happened two years ago happened again today?”

Almost without thinking I said, “Yes, I think I would!”

“Then you did learn something and you did grow!” She said, “Just think what kind of a difference you made in your friend’s life!”

I had to ask her, “What do you mean? What kind of difference? I mean what difference have I made for Kevin besides hurting his feelings for two years?”

“Todd don’t be so self-deprecating, it doesn’t suit you.” She said and though I wasn’t curtain what ‘self deprecating’ meant, I chose not to interrupt her. She went on, “For one thing, Kevin got rewarded for his patience. He waited on you and it seems his faith in you paid off after all. That has to feel good, right?”

I shrugged.

“And secondly, had he not reconciled with you, he wouldn’t be staying over here and he wouldn’t be getting a chance at having something he has probably only been able to dream about!” She finished with a knowing little smile.

I smiled back understanding what she meant and yet, I still felt bad at the same time. I was still feeling that I probably shouldn’t have said anything to Uncle Steve this morning. I mean, about what Kevin said about him being a TB. “But Aunt Sarah, I don’t think I shouldn’t have said what I did, I mean about him being a TB. Please don’t let Kevin find out I told his secret.”

“Shhh, Don’t worry! If he is a TB, he won’t be able to hide it in THIS household! And if he does manage too, well then that’s his loss!” Aunt Sarah said giving me a steady hug before re-opening Rob’s door and leaving me alone to get dressed.

Rob and I spent the morning straightening his room up along with the hall bath and the play room. Rick likewise had to clean his room and help in the kitchen.

“Todd?” Rick started to ask, “You going to stay diapered today?”

“Yeah, I guess so.” I answered and then added, “I was wearing ‘em at Glen’s yesterday, so it’s not like I have anything to hide.” I said.

“No one noticed!” Rob added, “Except maybe Glen’s mom.”

“Momma” I corrected

“Huh?” Rob said a look of confusion.

“That’s Glens Momma – you said Mom. I have a mom, you have a mom, Glen has a momma. It’s simple”

“I don’t get it. Why?” Rob asked

“Never mind. It probably doesn’t matter one way or another.” I said, “BB saw my diapers in my room the other day after school. And Kevin knows too, so I’m just not going to hide it. Besides, trying to hide stuff like this was why Kevin and I almost lost our friendship!”

“Yeah, I can see that,” Rob was saying, “and I know I have more fun when I don’t have to hide anything.” Rob took a second to think before adding, “But we can go any way you want to. When Glen and BB spend the night, Rick and I just wore diapers ‘for protection’, no TB stuff. Rick and I always use how we dress to tell Mom and Dad how to handle things at sleepovers.” Rob explained.

“Meaning?” I asked him for clarification.

Rob went on to explain it all out, “Well for the most part, if we dress TB then we’re going to get changed like one, but if we are wearing big boy clothes, or tell Mom and Dad ahead of time, we can change ourselves or get them to do it discreetly; you know, behind closed doors. I just think that it would probably be best if we are all on the same page before they arrive, is all.”

“Talk a bout a dilemma!” I thought. I wasn’t too anxious to flaunt things in front of Glen or BB, but at the same time I couldn’t help but think how fun things would be for Kevin and Matt; I mean if they joined in by wearing diapers too. It was my thoughts on Kevin and maybe a small way to help make things right between us that lead me to my decision. Plus I imagine that acting TB will be an enticement to Kevin and seeing Rob freak out when Kevin decides to do the TB thing too was going to be absolutely priceless.

“Well let’s do it then!” I said with a bounce of excitement, which caused Rob to break out in a big grin.

“You know, I was so worried when we moved here that you would hate us.” Rob said rubbing the back of his head kind of nervous like, “I was worried you would think we were freaks or something. I didn’t want to move here, but Mom kept telling me how important it was for me to know my other brother...” Rob suddenly froze and looked like he knew he’d said too much. A sheer look of extreme panic was evident in both of his eyes. “C-Cousin. Sorry, I meant cousin.” Rob tried to quickly cover up his slip-up.

“You know?” I said incredulously.

“Know what? I just misspoke!” Rob said but he sounded to me like he was backpedaling as fast as he could.

“Dude! I know too! I-I just didn’t know you knew!” I said excitedly.

“Oh... Um, really? You know?” He said not sounding too sure.

“Yes, I do know!” I said feeling like I was going to bust!

“Mom said I couldn’t say anything to you.” Rob said but he still didn’t look to sure that it was ok to talk about it, “She said that Aunt Susan might not have told you.”

I laughed, “Mom said the same thing to me! She said that Aunt Sarah probably hadn’t told you! Oh god, I’ve been so afraid of saying the wrong thing, or letting something slip ever since I found out!”

Rob took a second to let it sink into his head before saying, “Well cool, we both know! Adults can make the biggest deal about things sometimes.” Rob smiled but I still sensed a hint of caution in his body language. “But back to the matter at hand. What do we do tonight?” he asked.

“Wait. How long have you known?” I asked while ignoring his question.

“Since forever I think! Does it matter?” He asked.

Feeling kind of silly I said, “Well no, I don’t guess it does matter, I just found out, though.”

“Cool, I guess I am just used to it, with having Rick being my brother, I guess it just doesn’t seem too odd to me.” Rob said.

“I guess not. It’s just still a surprise to me, that’s all.” I said.

“Well cousin or brother or friend, we still gotta figure out what we are going to do tonight!” Rob said again.

“I dunno!” I said, “But at this point? I’d just as soon do like we did last night.” As scary as that was for me to admit, part of me really did want to do just that. I don’t know how comfortable I am going to be around Glen and BB in snap crotch clothes, but I knew I had to make the effort for Kevin. Even so, I was still halfway hoping Rob would veto me.

“Well, I will if you will.” Rob said, “I’ve never done that around non-TB friends before. You think they’ll be okay with it?” Rob asked probably thinking more about Kevin than anything.

“I hope so!” I answered, “And besides, everyone made a big point of how I pushed my friends away, how much more open can I be? If someone doesn’t like it, oh well, they can’t say I’m pushing them away can they? I’m not going to be able to keep my diapers and stuff a secret in this town much longer anyways!”

“True enough, but I don’t want to make them uncomfortable either?” Rob asked and then added, “Anyways, I’m in if you are, and I’m sure Rick will be too. I wonder if Matt will? I mean in front of his big brother. Oh and especially after Kevin got him in trouble with his folks!” Rob cocked his head slightly to one side, “Did you ask Kevin about that? That wasn’t a very cool thing to do, if you ask me!”

“Yeah I did, but it’s a long story. Suffice it to say Matt forced him to do it; Matt thought his folks would punish him by making him wear them. Kevin didn’t want too and tried to talk him out of it but Matt forced the issue until Kev gave in.”

“Oh, well that’s different then.” Rob said as he stood on the ladder and made the top bunk.

While he did that I went over and filled the diaper bags with the remaining diapers from the open bag before I got a new bag of diapers from the closet. I opened the new bag and set them by the futon, but that didn’t seem quite right, so I moved them a little more out in the open and placed them at the end of the dresser on the floor where anyone could see them.

I went a head and made up the bottom bunk and then ran the vacuum across the floor. When we were finished, Rob surveyed the room and nodded approvingly. “Awesome! Let’s get the bathroom done now, too.”

The two of us attacked the bathroom and since there were two of us it didn’t take us very long at all to get it. Rob carried all our plastic pants back to his room, except for two pair which he left hanging over the shower curtain rod to ‘dry’. They weren’t really wet, but I think he left them there for effect. I found myself growing more excited with each passing minute knowing that my friends would be here soon and that they would see my baby pants hanging, drying in the bathroom. It was almost more excitement then I could stand.

We ate a quick lunch and decided since we were done cleaning to spend the hour or so before anyone arrived to play some cards. So Rick, Rob, and I plopped ourselves down on the floor and played poker with pennies. Our game kind of dissolved when we couldn’t remember whether Rick’s flush was better than my straight. Rick got up to go look up the answer on the Internet and so we left the cards and the big pile of change in the floor.

I watched Rick run over to the computer and something about his half-walk half-waddle reminded me of Rick getting changed last night before going to Jerson.

“Dude, I just had a really cool idea!” I said quite excited at the thought that just popped into my head. “I can’t believe I am thinking this, much less going to do it!”

I explained to Rob what I wanted to do and he looked increasingly interested as I outlined my plan.

“That’s going to so rock! I wish it had been my idea!” Rob said as he laid out the clothes I asked for.

Chapter 13B – Looking back, looking forward, and maybe just looking around (continued)

Uncle Steve and Aunt Sarah both raised their eyebrows questioningly at the three of us. Rob and Rick were both dressed in their toddler best, with me wearing normal tan cargo shorts and one of Rob’s juvenile type t-shirts. Aunt Sarah dipped a finger into Rob’s waistband and then Ricks. When she pulled the side of my cargo’s out and looked down, she just quirked an eyebrow and said nothing.

Kevin and Matt got to the farmhouse first; Mrs. Rosetick dropped them off about four in the afternoon. Rob, Kevin and I had gone outside to shoot some baskets while Rick and Matt had gone around to the backyard and were tossing horseshoes. A long extended cab pickup truck, which I recognized as belong to BB’s dad turned into the drive way and let the beanpole-thin BB, and the much more substantial Glen out. BB’s dad rolled down the window to wave to us and reminded his son to stay out of trouble. BB took his and Glen’s things and put them just inside the backdoor of the farmhouse as his dad backed out of the driveway and pulled away.

The five of us played HORSE for a while, but we got bored quick with Glen being horsed very early each game. Therefore, we put the basketball down and headed to the backyard. We found that Rick and Matt were still playing horseshoes and we announced that we wanted to play too. The pits were new; the dirt at each stake was still fresh and moist from where Uncle Steve and Rick had dug the pits earlier today.

We played horseshoes for nearly an hour, the time passing quickly and although I had excellent aim, horseshoes was never a game I would excel at, and I knew it. Outside of a few lucky shots, most of mine, I threw to long and when everything was said and done, I was maybe next to last in score. Nevertheless, the game was still fun and Rob surprised us all with his throwing ability. He was good (not good enough to outdo Glen or BB) but I think everyone was impressed all the same.

Uncle Steve came outside as our game was winding down and he even tossed for a few minutes with us. He sucked, I mean sucked real bad, and I think it was more than his adult ego could take, ‘cause he declined to play any further. “You boys go on and play. I’ve got to get the grill started for dinner.”

A little while later when we were all seated around the picnic table talking, Aunt Sarah opened the backdoor and called out from the door way “Rob, Todd, come here a minute, please.”

We both trotted to the backdoor. “Wash your hands, and each of you grab a plate and take it to the grill for me please.” Aunt Sarah said pointing to the two big platters, one covered in hot dogs and the other in hamburger patties.

“Both hands please, don’t drop dinner!” She said sweetly.

Back outside I handed my plate to Uncle Steve and Rob set his down on the little shelf beside the grill. No one at the table was paying us much attention so I decided now was as good a time as any to begin enacting my plan from earlier. I paused long enough to question myself one last time, was I ready to go through with my plans from earlier? I told myself that I must be crazy for thinking about this, let alone actually doing it! But I figured, what the hell?

“Here goes nothing!” I thought as I just stood there, let go, and peed my pants. It was an entirely different sensation than peeing in a diaper. You see, earlier I had pulled on a pair of Rob’s cotton training pants. My plan was to wet them just a little infrequently until they got my pants damp, at which point I was certain someone would notice a small wet spot and I would get changed into a diaper. However, the best-laid plans, fate, Murphy’s Law, or whatever you choose to call it, had a different plan for me. Sticking to the plan, I tried to only pee a little, but after starting, I couldn’t stop! I kept trying to clench up, to stem the flow but the pee just kept coming!

I looked down helplessly at my front as I felt the training pants become over saturated and pee start to trickle down my legs. The front of my tan shorts darkening all around the crotch as the cotton training pants wicked the moisture out to my shorts. I just stood there dumbfounded; this was not according to plan and I felt a twinge of panic.

Rick noticed before anyone else and his brief eye contact with me registered his surprise. Apparently Rick’s little gasp of shock was enough to direct everyone’s attention my way. Everyone just stood there staring at my wet pants. Kevin blushed a bit while looking at me; I imagine he was remembering his own incidents like this. This was of course my desired result all along, but boy did I screw up the magnitude! I had wanted to dampen my pants just slightly, not flood them!

Uncle Steve was the first to move, “Oh Jeeze, Todd, you’re a mess!” He said setting down the BBQ implements. “At least this happened outside, your Aunt would be upset if you wet on her furniture or carpet.”

I know this was what I wanted, but boy did the embarrassment sting when it was in the here and now. It’s one thing to think up this plan; it was another thing all together to have to stand there with all my friends’ eyes staring at my wet shorts with pee running down my legs.

“Let’s get you inside and clean you up!” Uncle Steve said pulling down my soaked cargo shorts right there on the spot and folding them up so the wet part was on the inside. I stood there wearing Rob’s training pants, which were soaked and clinging to me. The training pants had red piping around the waist, leg openings and in the same pattern as the fly on briefs, sort of like Pull-Ups do.

“Let’s go get you cleaned up and into some dry pants,” he said as I noticed my t-shirt had begun to get a wet spot on it from where it touched the top of the training pants. When I didn’t move right away he tugged on my hand and led me into the house.

Aunt Sarah was still in the kitchen and she looked at me as if she fully expected this turn of events since she’d seen my training pants earlier “Accident huh?” she said knowingly.

“Yes ma’am. I didn’t mean to wet them as much as I did.” I said hanging my head.

“I’ve got him. You go cook!” She told her husband taking my wet shorts from him.

She took me upstairs and to the bathroom where she had me drop the training pants in the bathtub. “You need to rinse those out when I am done changing you.” She told me.

In Rob’s room, she put out the changing mat and had me take off my shirt, socks and shoes so that I was completely naked as I lay down on the mat. She wiped me down real good, grabbed a fresh diaper from the bag that I’d placed out in the open earlier and she slid it under me. She stopped and thinking for a moment she said, “Stay put!”

Aunt Sarah disappeared from the room for a minute and came back with a new bag of Moliform Liners.

As she opened the bag of diaper stuffers, she said, “That was gutsy. I don’t think Rob or Rick, either one; have ever wet their pants like that in front of their friends.” She took out a pad from the bag and put it in the diaper.

After she was done putting me in the diaper, I started to get up but Aunt Sarah pushed me back down on the mat. “I’ll get you some clothes out!” She said.

I watched as she got another t-shirts from Rob’s closet along with my shortalls. Aunt Sarah bunched the t-shirt up around its neck opening and it took me second to realize what she was expecting. I sat up and raised my arms up so that she could pull the shirt over my head and arms as if I couldn’t dress myself.

“Okay young man, stand up for me.” Aunt Sarah said holding out a pair of plastic pants for me to step into, which I did. I hadn’t seen these pants before, I assume they were Rob’s, as they were covered in little puppy dogs and red fire hydrants. Once she worked the pants over my diaper Aunt Sarah held out my shortalls and after I had my legs through, she affixed the shoulder straps-one at a time.

She sent me off to go rinse out my training pants before I half-waddled my way back downstairs very much aware of the thickness bundled between my legs. With every step I took closer to the backdoor my erection became more noticeable... at least to me though I seriously doubted if anyone could notice much except for the puffiness of my ample diapers beneath my shortalls.

Back outside Uncle Steve was standing over the grill and my friends were still sitting at the picnic table talking amongst themselves. Rob and Rick both made eye contact and grinned at me as a gesture of support. I blushed anyways.

“All fixed up there, champ?” Uncle Steve asked as I got to the table.

“Yes sir,” I said softly becoming more embarrassed by the second.

“Glad that happened here at your Aunt’s where someone could help you take care of it!” Glen said helpfully.

“Shut up Glen! Can’t you see Todd’s embarrassed enough by all this attention?” BB said punching his friend in the arm.

“Oww! I was just trying to help!” Glen said rubbing his arm.

Kevin spoke up, “Well I don’t have any room to talk. It hasn’t been that many years since I had trouble keeping MY pants dry.”

“That so?” Uncle Steve said turning to face Kevin

Kevin faltered for only a second before saying, “Yes Sir. Used to happen to me all the time.”

“We’ll don’t worry we can take care of any accidents that happen here.” He smiled while waving and pointing the BBQ tongs at Rick and Rob, “We have to with these two around!”

“Daaad,” Both said, no-it was more like they whined, in unison and I thought I might have seen a hint of blush in Rick’s cheeks.

It wasn’t too much longer before we had dinner and the five of us older boys ate outside at the picnic table on paper plates, while Matt and Rick ate inside with the grownups. The conversation was light and lively, mainly revolving around summer activities. Kevin talked about Scout Camp for him and Matt, while trying to talk me into coming back to Scouts and also trying to interest Rob in joining up as well. Glen and his folks were going to the Ozark Mountains for vacation, and if it were like prior years BB would go along in tow. BB’s parents usually traveled some during the racing season and on certain trips, BB would usually go along too. I broke the news to everyone about going to camp as a councilor, although I left off the part about it being a Diaper Camp.

“God I’d love to have $500 bucks!” BB said with obvious envy.

Once Matt and Rick returned outside we began tossing around a Frisbee for a bit. It had been ages since I had thrown a Frisbee and I had forgotten how much fun they could be. We kind of got lost in time while playing Frisbee football and I don’t think anyone had paid attention to the progress of time and all of a sudden dusk was upon us.

The sky although still light over the tree line, had begun to darken over the house, the sound of crickets became more noticeable and the pops of the fluorescent bug zapper grew more frequent until finally at the back door, Aunt Sarah called us in.

We crowded into the kitchen after ditching our shoes at the backdoor; the air conditioning hit us like a wall of welcoming cold. Aunt Sarah handed out cans of soda to us as we filed through the door. Still feeling wired after playing outside all evening, instead of sitting, we all just leaned on the counters while drinking out sodas. BB started fidgeting as he leaned against the sink; he was shirtless from earlier in the evening when he got too hot. He looked almost skeletal standing there, and had I not personally witnessed him eat two burgers and a hot dog; I would have sworn he must be starving himself to near death. I could make out each rib starting just above his waistband of his boxers, which stood a good inch above the waist of his shorts. I guess the cool air was a bit much for him, because, after setting his soda down on the counter, BB made a dash outside to grab his T-shirt from the picnic table.

Aunt Sarah, without trying to be too discreet stuck a finger in Rob’s, Rick’s, and my own pants. “That’s odd.” She commented to herself, but with enough volume so everyone could hear her. “Well it smells like someone has wet their pants.”

Uncle Steve came in from the backdoor in time to see Aunt Sarah checking our pants. “There’s your culprit dear.” Uncle Steve said pointing to Kevin, “Used to have accidents? Is that what you said?”

“Yes Sir.” Kevin said looking at his feet and sounding six all over again.

Aunt Sarah rushed over to the boy, “Well, don’t worry about a thing. We have accidents around this house all the time. Let’s get you cleaned up and into some dry pants. Did your mother pack any diapers for you?”

“No ma’am!” Kevin eeked at the mention of his mother. I couldn’t tell whether he was enjoying himself or not, his whole manner brought back too many bad memories for me to accurately tell. I had to take it on faith that he wet his pants on purpose and that this was what he wanted.

“Well, no matter, you can wear one of Robbie’s. I’m sure he would be happy to share.” Aunt Sarah said with a playful ruffle of Rob’s hair.

Rob just stood there mouth agape.

“Thank you.” Kevin said to Aunt Sarah as he followed her upstairs.

We settled in around the table during Kevin’s absence, all of us kind of waiting for his return. If Glen and BB thought any of this was unusual neither one commented, they acted like this was 100% normal.

I was dying to know what was happening upstairs and finally my curiosity got the better of me. I announced to the table that I was going to go get the deck of playing cards, which we had left in the playroom floor.

I tried walking up the stairs as quietly as I could, trying to strain to listen to the activity in Rob’s room. I couldn’t hear much, just some muffled conversation. I was extremely nervous standing there at Rob’s door, so I went on into the playroom and grabbed the deck of cards. I made one last stop at Rob’s door. Nothing. Damn, I turned to leave but the sudden opening of the bedroom door startled me and the cards went flying.

“I wa-I wa-cards-coming-get-cards!” I stammered guiltily.

“Shh Todd! I know what you were doing, now come here. It’s not nice to eavesdrop, but I imagine you were well intentioned, weren’t you?” Aunt Sarah asked.

“Y-yes ma’am, I suppose so,” I said regaining my composure.

As I walked into the room I saw that Kevin was wearing only a diaper, obviously stuffed like mine.

Aunt Sarah then told me, “I was explaining to Kevin that his parents need never know about his Diaper wearing here unless I am asked flat out or he decides to tell them.”

“Yeah, like he was going to spill the beans to his folks!” I thought dryly to myself.

“But in order for them to not ask me any such questions, all diapers, Pull-Ups and plastic pants need to stay here, and not go home like they did with Matt!” She said the last part sharply.

“I understand, perhaps better than my little brother. But like I said, dad isn’t like that anymore, not like he was when I was little. Matt hardly got spanked and that was more for hiding things than it was for what he hid. But still I don’t need that kind of trouble, and neither does Matt!” Kevin said sounding very adult, which defiantly was funny considering he was lying there on the changing mat with his butt diapered.

“I thought so; I just felt it needed to be clear.” Aunt Sarah said looking down at the boy before turning back to me and asking, “Todd, why don’t you help me pick out some clothes for Kevin to wear?”

I got my pair of fire truck pants out for Kevin-knowing he was fond of them, then stepped into Rob’s closet and looked in the TB section of clothes and pulled out a pair of snap-crotch denim shorts and the last of the juvenile t-shirts, which I handed to Aunt Sarah.

“Very nice, but I don’t think this shirt will fit Kevin, I think he might need a normal shirt.” She said as she pulled a narrow striped polo shirt from Rob’s closet and hung the other one back up. Despite being normal in cut, the shirt still looked like a little kid’s shirt all the same.

Aunt Sarah dressed Kevin, much the way she had me earlier and then with a pat on the butt for each of us, sent us back downstairs with the other boys. “Don’t forget the cards Todd!” Aunt Sarah said pointing to the deck on the floor by the door.

As I picked up the cards I couldn’t help feel a small pang of guilt that Kevin had to defend his dad to Aunt Sarah, asshole that he was. I still felt like a heel for telling Aunt Sarah and Uncle Steve in the first place. All the same though, Kevin was smiling as we walked down stairs.

“Pretty spiffy!” I said looking at his puffed out shorts, which crinkled in harmony with my own.

“Yeah, your Aunt is so cool! But I can’t believe I am doing this, I mean, I’ve always wanted to and all, it’s just that I never thought I would ever get too!” Kevin said stopping on the stairs to look at me.

“I know what you mean. You worried about Glen and BB?” I asked.

Kev smiled kind of sheepishly, “Nah. They didn’t seem upset, surprised or anything about your change of clothes! If they have a problem with it... oh well!” he shrugged his shoulders, “Least I got my best friend back, who I KNOW doesn’t care and I have a place to wear diapers.” He said with extra emphasis in all the right places.

We walked back into the kitchen where everyone was still sitting at the table waiting for us to return, and if anyone was surprised by Kevin coming back downstairs wearing a diaper and TB clothes they didn’t say anything. On the one hand, I was so very glad that Glen and BB seemed okay with everything, but I was also dying to know what they thought of all this, too.

“Gimmie those would you please, Todd?” Glen asked holding his hand out for the deck of cards.

Matt and Rick had slipped off to the family room with my Aunt and Uncle, watching movies I imagine. That left the five us to sit around the kitchen table and play cards. All that was missing from making this the typical poker night we’d all seen in movies and on TV was beer and cigarettes, and outside of dipping in secret, none of us had used tobacco and I don’t imagine we would get away with drinking beer so flagrantly. So contentedly, we settled for munching on potatoes chips and drinking more Cokes. Rob had returned after having gone upstairs to fetch his loose change and pennies, which we divided amongst ourselves into small piles. We spent the next hour and a half or so playing poker, and thankfully, Glen had a better head for the rules than we ourselves had earlier in the day.

I was not the first to lose all my change, that honor was all BB’s, but soon after BB’s bad fortune (and worse bluffing) I found myself almost out of funds too. Kevin likewise, was also sparsely banked. Rob was doing better than Kevin and I, but not by much. It was Glen who had amassed the proverbial fat stacks of cash, or piles of pennies as the case may be.

Glen shuffled the cards through once, his working of the cards, obviously well practiced. He dealt out five cards and each of us, minus BB, anteed up. I was down to about fifteen cents and knew I had to do something or I would be only watching like BB.

“I got one in!” Rob said pushing a penny into the pot; he’d been betting equally conservative all night. Of course his reasonable betting is probably what kept him in a better position than Kevin and I as we tended to err on the side of big wagers.

Kevin glanced at his cards, crunched on a couple of chips and pushed three pennies in to the pot in the middle of the table, “I got your one and a couple more!” he said, which prompted Rob to move a couple more pennies into the pot.

I fanned my cards out and studied them; I could draw for an outside straight and that might just keep me in the game a while longer. What’s that they say about being ‘In for a penny, In for a pound’? “I’m in for three and call.” I tried to say with confidence as I tossed my pennies onto the pile.

Glen studied his cards and chuckled “Fine, Fine. I’m in for three; I think I can afford it.” He was gloating. Least wise I’m pretty sure that’s what it was. His pennies were not piled but instead were stacked neatly in front of him in parallel rows.

Rob and Kevin both took two cards. I pulled one and missed my straight, instead I ending up with a lousy pair. While I was sulking over my luck or lack of luck, Glen took three cards.

Rob threw his cards down on the table and announced, “I’m out!”

Kevin took another look at his cards before throwing five cents in the middle and sat there grinning like a mad man. I knew he was bluffing, he had to be!

“Not for me!” I said putting my crappy pair back down on the table and leaning back in my chair to watch the rest of the hand play out.

“Oh come now Kevin, do you really think you can bluff me out of those lovely pennies in the center of the table?” Glen waved his hand over his pile of copper coins to entice Kevin, “I think not. In fact, I will see your five cents and raise you five more, which incidentally will leave you with, hmmm, about two cents.” Glen gloated as he said it since he knew he could afford to loose the hand.

“Okay, I’ll see your raise and put in my last two cents. And I call!.” Kevin said resolutely, not even looking at the cards in his hand.

“Fine, Fine. Two more in.” Glenn said in a mock surrendering tone, “Now what do you have?” Glen asked as he tossed the money in.

Kevin, with a totally straight face simply laid out his cards and said, “Three of a kind!”

Glen cackled “Oh Kevin, you bet the farm on three eights? Well let’s see here. I have nothing.” Glen looked very sad.

“HA!” Kevin exclaimed as he reached for the pile of pennies.

Glen smacked the back of Kevin’s hand away from the money. “Did I say nothing? Why how careless of me. I meant to say I have an itsy, bitsy little flush. Oh my bad! Nothing, Flush, I get them confused all the time.”

“Damn it, I’m broke now!” Kevin swore, “I was sure I was going to win that one!” Kevin said before looking at me and Rob, “Lend me some cash to play with – I want to stay in the game.”

“No can do – I don’t have it myself!” I explained, “You can see I won’t last another round if I lose.”

“You could always wager your clothes there, Kev?” BB said balefully.

Glen shook his head back and forth and sighed, “Oh no! I never signed up for strip poker! Be reasonable, we can’t change the stakes mid-game!”

“Calm down, it was just a suggestion.” BB said acting wounded.

“Besides, what would I do with all that plastic underwear?” Glen said letting his gaze fall on all three of us.

“HEY!” Kevin exclaimed!

Glen’s voice took on an edge of sarcasm, “Besides, you guys are too easy! It would be like taking candy from a… a... well… never mind, poor choice of words.”

Rob looked momentarily confused, like he didn’t know weather Glen was being seriously mean or not. He didn’t relax until Kevin, BB and I all started laughing. Glen was only sarcastic under certain circumstances, like when he called BB ‘William’ – it was good-natured despite being seemingly caustic. Glen wouldn’t have cracked a joke about our diapers if he weren’t completely comfortable with us in them. That answered my previous question about Glen’s attitude, and where Glen went, like Mary’s little lamb, BB was sure to go.

“Yea well, underwear styles aside, you only won because you’re lucky.” Kevin said sourly.

“HA! Luck or skill I’m the one with all the money!” Glen laughed.

“You boys are getting whipped I see,” Uncle Steve said as he walked into the kitchen. “Glen must be a real card shark.”

“That’s what we were just discussing,” Rob told his dad.

“We’re just about to put in another movie if you boys want to join us?” Uncle Steve asked the table as he opened the fridge and rummaged around.

“What movie?” Rob asked.

“Some movie, ‘Rundown’ I think it was? Isn’t that what you have been pestering us to get since the rental place doesn’t seem to have it.” Uncle Steve asked.

“Dad Thanks!” Rob said with excitement.

We made our way to the den where we all managed to find places to sit on the floor, as the sofa was occupied by Uncle Steve and Aunt Sarah. The movie was better than I had expected, but it was hard not to like any movie with Christopher Walken and the Rock. As soon as the credits started Uncle Steve flipped back to normal TV and put on the Discovery Channel.

“Okay Rick, Matt. You two need to get your teeth brushed and ready for bed, it’s after ten.” Uncle Steve told the two youngest.

“We can stay up though, right?” Rick asked.

“Yes, you can stay up afterward, now scoot!” he said motioning the two boys out of the room.

Aunt Sarah gave Uncle Steve a peck on the cheek as she got up from the sofa and left the room.

“Why don’t you three also get your stuff taken care of? You can use our bathroom,” Uncle Steve pointed at Kevin, Rob and myself. “And you two can go when Rick and Matt are done.” He finished indicating Glen and BB.

Rob didn’t complain at all about having to get ready, and so I didn’t either. Kevin followed us upstairs where he ducked into Rob’s room to get his toothbrush while Rob and I went to his bathroom to grab our own. Ricks bedroom door was open and Aunt Sarah was in there laying out the changing mat and other diaper supplies. Rick and Matt were both standing at the sink, naked to the waist with toothpaste on their mouths as they brushed.

Aunt Sarah met us in the hallway as we left the bathroom causing a little traffic jam when Kevin came out of Rob’s room.

“’Scuse me,” she said as Kevin ducked out of the doorway to let her enter into Rob’s room.

“You boys go brush your teeth and NO horsing around, okay? I don’t want to have to clean my bathroom when you’re done in there.” She told us in passing.

We brushed our teeth without ‘horsing around’, in fact we did so with an almost somber feel, and even though conversation was difficult with a toothbrush in your mouth I was certain that Kevin and Rob were both lost in their thoughts anyways. I wondered what was going through Rob’s head? Was he happy to have another diaper friend? I guess it must be odd for him too, considering that they don’t know each other well, and something like diapers are rather intimate. I bet Rob was just dying to ask Kevin some questions.

We finished and left the bathroom to return our toothbrushes to the Rob’s bathroom, the three of us walked in a natural lockstep. Rob and I put our toothbrushes in the little porcelain hanger on the bathroom wall and Kevin put his in a freestanding glass on the vanity. I smiled when I saw that the plastic pants from earlier were still hanging in the tub along with my training pants.

We passed Aunt Sarah in the hall again prompting her to mutter something about having a whole heard of boys in her house. “Bathroom’s free!” She called down the stairs before going into Rick’s room.

“Let’s get you two ready for bed.” I could hear her say through the open door.

We filed into Rob’s room to make space in the hall when Glen, BB and Uncle Steve came up the stairs. Uncle Steve split off from the two boys to joining us in Rob’s room.

“It’s all work-work-work around here!” He said sounding exasperated.

The changing pad was still laid out on the futon from earlier. Uncle Steve reached down into the bag of diapers and handed them out saying, “One for you, one for you, and one for you!”

“All right Robbie. Let’s go, I want to get this done so I can watch the rest of the 10 o’clock news.” He said as he pulled off his sons’ top.

“Other parents get a break from diapering. But no sir, not me!” He said pulling Rob’s shorts down exposing his diaper and plastic pants.

Rob stepped out of his jeans and laid down on the futon where Uncle Steve pulled Rob’s vinyl pants completely off and set them aside. Kevin stood there watching the whole thing with a slack jaw, his own diaper clutched in one hand while his other hand absentmindedly rubbed the top of his waist line feeling his plastic pants through his shirt.

Uncle Steve untapped Rob’s diaper and grabbed for the block shaped tub of wipes. “Out of wipes?” he said after popping the top. “Todd, run across the hall and see if your Aunt is done with the wipes?”

This had to be a setup; I’m certain that was an almost full container of wipes earlier. I certainly wasn’t going to argue though.

I crossed the hall where BB and Glen were busy brushing their teeth; only a bit of BB was visible with Glen standing at the door. I imagine they could hear every word coming from both bedrooms.

Aunt Sarah had both boys standing in only their diapers while she was at Rick’s dresser picking out overpants for them.

“Do you need something Todd?” She asked as if she had eyes in the back of her head.

“Umm we’re out of wipes. Can I use these?” I said picking up the opened box on Rob’s Bed.

“No silly, why don’t you just grab a new tub from the beneath the boy’s bathroom sink?” She said with a slight smile crossing her lips.

I should have known. As soon as I got to the door, “Oh Todd, Grab the Big Kid’s wipes, that’s the brand the Robby likes – the unscented are for Rickey.”

Glen and BB neither one were getting much tooth brushing done, they both stood there transfixed and obviously enjoying the conversation. I went to reach for the sink expecting them to clear the way, but neither budged when I tried to squeeze in.

“Let me in for a sec?” I asked which seemed to snap Glen out of his daze enough to move aside. I still wasn’t left with a lot of room, which forced me to set my diaper, which I was still carrying with me, down on the counter while I squatted down to get the wipes.

I grabbed my diaper again and along with the new tub of wipes I left the bathroom without another word spoken. When I got back, I handed the tub to Uncle Steve who peeled off the cellophane and popped the top. He then went to work cleaning Rob up, and with his usual efficiency got Rob diapered again in no time.

“Okay Kevin – lets go big fella.” Uncle Steve said as he undid Kevin’s shorts letting them fall down so that Kevin could step out of them. Kevin stood there a second in just a diaper and his polo shit and I found myself hoping that when I do the same that I look half as cute.

I guess I got lost in trying to figure out if I was a cute diaper boy or not. I mean, I think Rob is real cute and all and I know we look very similar, so I hope I look like he does. But even in the pictures last night it was hard to tell objectively if I was cute or not.

“Todd, you want to come here and let me change your diaper please?” Uncle Steve asked.

“Oh sorry, I was woolgathering.” I said sheepishly finding Rob and Kevin standing around somewhat self-consciously both only clad in diapers and baby pants.

“I see that.” Uncle Steve said letting the shoulder straps of my short-alls down.

After removing my shirt, he had me lie down just as the others had. He pulled off my puppy dog plastic pants and untapped my diaper.

“Goodness Todd, even with the diaper doublers you’ve managed to soak the whole thing through and through.” Uncle Steve commented as he wiped my groin.

I heard some commotion in the hallway, “You boys finished in there? If so could you excuse me for a few minutes, I need to get in there and rinse these pants out before they begin to smell.” Aunt Sarah said, no doubt with a pair of Ricks overpants in one hand.

Glen and BB, left with no other place to go, came and stood in Rob’s doorway and along with Rob and Kevin watched Uncle Steven change me.

Uncle Steve pushed a new diaper up under me, along with a new stuffer, and then taped the whole thing around my hips and waist. He pulled up the puppy dog pants enough to where I could stand up at which point he pulled them over my diaper.

Uncle Steve got a pile of clothes off the dresser and handed a set to Rob and Myself. I pulled on the PJ Shorts, which were thin enough that you could see the print on my plastic pants through them, and nothing was going to hide the bulge of my diaper.

“Did your Mom pack PJ’s for you Kevin?” without waiting for a reply Uncle Steve added, “Rob has another pair if you need some!”

“Thank you.” Kevin said taking the offered PJ’s and putting them on.

Seeing BB and Glen at the bedroom door, “I’ll be out of you boy’s way as soon as I put this stuff up…” Uncle Steve said indicating the diaper supplies. “Unless I need to keep it out?”

“No Sir!” Glen answered quickly followed a moment later by BB.

“Okay then. You boys can stay up as late as you like, but try not to stay up ALL night and don’t make too much noise.” Uncle Steve told us as he tidied the diaper area up and put a set of folded up sheets and a pillow on the futon.

I was okay with things up until the point when Uncle Steve left the room, and then suddenly I was all nervous. My earlier ‘accident’ was partially just that, an accident – granted I was a little over enthusiastic, but it wasn’t flagrant. But now, with no adults around and amongst my peers, I guess I almost felt like I was flaunting my diapers, which was okay as far as Rob and Kevin were concerned, but I didn’t want to alienate BB and Glen either. This whole thing has got to be awkward for them with five out of seven of us in diapers tonight.

I guess Rob read my mind or somehow understood my discomfort ‘cause he let his breath out in a big humph, “Sorry y'all, my dad likes to have his fun like that sometimes – it’s weird I know.”

“Bah – your daddy wasn’t the only one having fun, unless the wood you three are sporting is because of Glen’s man boobs.” BB said dryly.

“Now, leave me out of this!” Glen said looking down at himself in a somewhat self-conscious manner.

“Whatever, let’s go get the cards and play some more poker.” Kevin said and not waiting for a reply, he bounded out of the room and down the stairs to retrieve the deck of cards. Rob followed him to the hall, which was now dark until a swath of light cut into the shadows indicating he had turned on the bright overhead lights in the playroom.

I started for the door, when BB’s hand caught my shoulder. “Todd, you keep looking like you expect us to freak or something. Neither of us care okay? You know that whole ‘he who is without?’ Well lets just say I’m sure as hell not gonna go throwing any stones okay?”

“William, I’m sure Todd knows that already. Quit being such a drama queen and let’s go so I can take everyone’s money again.” Glen said pushing us out the door.

Later that night when the alarm clock crept closer to 2 AM, the room filled with the quiet sounds of my friends sleeping, I lay there awake reflecting on the events of the last couple of weeks. Everything pivots on one moment doesn’t it? One day you know the world and your place in it, then along comes an unplanned business trip for your mom, and your world turns upside down.

So even if everything was familiar, everything had also changed and thus, I found myself reflecting on the people close to me in my life.

BB’s comments about stones from earlier left me curious. There was something implied there, and I tried to puzzle it out but I had no idea. What was he trying to tell me? He has some weird fetish too? I smiled at the thought of BB in a cocktail dress with a blond wig, nah that couldn’t be it. It was something, but I guess I will find out when he’s good and ready to tell.

Rob, my cousin, my brother, and my mentor in diapers. He was first to go out on a limb, to assume the mantle of bed wetter when our relationship was still tenuous, and not because he thought I would be into the fetish – but rather let me know that my wetting problem was really okay and to help me with my problem. That I turned out to have similar feelings, must have been a big bonus for him, but that was never his intention.

Kevin? What to say there? I spent two years blaming him for something he didn’t do and yet he was willing to wipe the slate clean. I guess I know how Rob must feel about me being a TB, to use Kevin’s own words “In all my life I never expected to meet another TB in all of Alabama, much less one in my own town who just so happens to be my best friend!” I know diaper people are rare, and I am fortunate to have so many in my life, I mean what are the chances? My brother, my cousin, my best friend AND his brother? That seems astronomical at best, as if I hit the lottery or something, and if all the rest of my life is bad luck I will have no cause to complain.

Mom, who just rolled with all of this, keeping her composure even though everything had to be a big shock to her too. There she was, with a relatively new job, and her sister up and moves back to her hometown and back into her life? Then her teenage son wants to run around in diapers? All of this of course while juggling a new boyfriend after so many years of being single. Yet, none of it seemed to faze her.

Two weeks ago, I didn’t even like to think about my bedwetting problem. Heck, I lacked the courage to EVEN ADMIT that I had one. I’m still not happy about my problem, but I am happy about my diapers. Weird huh? However, when all is said and done I am relieved; relieved to have learned that my friends really are my friends. I am humbled to learn that my ‘enemies’ are too. And most of all, I am lucky because I learned what some people go their entire lives without learning. I’ve learned that I am my own worst enemy, that if I can get out of my own way, well I might just do okay.

So is there a theme to my life right now? Thinking of all these relationships and the people in my life, I guess it all comes down to forgiveness doesn’t it? Mom forgiving Aunt Sarah, Kevin forgiving me, and yes, me forgiving myself. It looks like it’s going to be a good summer after all.

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