Diapers and summer camp

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Diapers and summer camp

2008-05-17 17:40:18

My introduction?? to the world of non-babies wearing diapers happened, as I recall, when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I was sent, by my parents, to a camp for a couple of weeks. We slept in cabins.

What might have been my first or second night was when this event took place. I woke up the next morning to find my pjs, and my bed, wet. I was somewhat embarrassed over what had happened but, since it also happened sometimes at home, I wasn't that embarrassed.

In this particular camp there were 3 boys, and 2 counselors, to a cabin.

When it was time for bed, the next night, one of the counselors told me that because I had wet the bed the previous night I would have to wear a diaper that night. They didn't want to have to remake my bed and wash the sheets any more than they had to.

I told them no!, but that didn't seem to have any effect.

So the counselor told me to get ready for bed but not to bother putting on my pj bottoms. I did away thinking they might feel sorry for me and let it go that night.

But, no such luck.

The counselor came back and told me to take off my pj bottoms. Off they went. She then told me to raise my mid section. I reluctantly did. She then slide the cloth diaper under me and then told me to relax and lower myself down to the bed. I did. I felt both embarrassed and a strange sense came over me as my bottom touched the cloth. The cloth felt somewhat cool and comfortable.

She then raised the other end of the cloth and brought it through my legs and laid it over my waist. It was a very strange feeling.

She then proceeded to, using safety pins, pin the sides of the diaper near my hips. Both sides.

She then, again, told me to raise my midsection. She did the same thing but with, what were, the plastic pants. I lowered myself and she brought the plastic pants over my waist and using the clips that were already on the plastic pants, I could hear the clips come together.

It was strange, when she put the second set of clips together then the strange, also pleasurable, feelings began to emerge.

I seemed to enjoy the pressure that was now being exerted against my skin and maleness.

She then told me to put my pj's back on and go to sleep. People didn't say 'have a nice night' back then, they just said 'good night'.

This happened to me when I was somewhere around 8 to 10 years of age.

As it turned out I was a bedwetter. I guess my bladder was not growing up as fast as the rest of me.

One day, after a series of bedwettings and sheet changes, my dad opened up one of the major department store catalogues and started to look for something that might help me. What he eventually found was a special pair of pants that bedwetters could wear to help with their problem. The catalogue emphasized that these were not diapers. They were a special pair of pants that were made of rather thick cloth pant, on the inside, and had a plastic pant, on the outside. When I saw then I thought, to myself, that the designer didn't have very good eyes or was twisting the truth awful heavily. Like they say, if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, acts like a duck by gosh, it must be a duck. Anyway, you get the idea. I was a diaper with just another name attached to it.

The following day, mom called this department story and ordered it. They arrived. Rather reluctantly, when it was bed time, I got out these 'special pants'. I laid them on the edge of the bed. After I got my cloths off, I reluctantly sat in the proper place. I got a surge of a rather funny feeling ran up my spine. I spread open my legs and brought the front of this diaper up toward my front. At each side of the wider part of the diaper was a string. I grabbed the appropriate ones and tied them together. Like tying shoelaces. I tied both sides. I had this diaper on. My dad wanted to see what they looked like when I got them on so I reluctantly let him see them.

A couple of days of wearing these underpants and I started to get used to them and I was rather surprised that I started to like them.

On, about the second night, after I had put them on, I looked down at these diapers. From the inside, I could feel the coolness and softness of the cloth. I could also feel the compression the diapers were having on my manliness. It was something like the pressure you get from a tight bathing suit.

From the outside, I could see the plastic pants. This was something I was not quite used to.

I placed my hand on the front of the plastic pants and gently moved my hand downwards and between my legs. I had to spread my legs apart a bit but the feeling was different, than I was used to to give room for my hand to fit.

I think I was starting to get the feeling of comfort in these special pants / diapers. I didn't expect it but the feel of the cloth was starting to feel good to me.

I got off the bed and looked at myself in the large mirror, in my bedroom. There I was... I stared at myself for a few minutes, not thinking about anything in particular.... just looking.

It was my bedtime, so I put my pj's back on and went to bed.

I have had this nasty habit of falling to sleep fairly quickly, that night was no exception.

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